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    St. Joseph's Hospital Houston

    Yup it's in Houston.
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    What # of questions did u pass the NCLEX with?

    I passed with 75 questions, 11 SATA, one math question, and 2 medications questions.
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    How did you study for the NCLEX?

    Hurst Review Kaplan Question Bank Passed with 75 questions with these two!
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    St. Joseph's Hospital Houston

    Hi I just got hired from St. Joseph Downtown and they are hiring a ton of new grads! Starting base salary is 25.14. Evening diff is 3.00 and night is 4.00. Downside: no diff for weekends. After you are done with training (6-8 weeks), they will increase your base salary by 1 dollar, making it 26.14. You will be signing a two year contract with them and if anyone decides to leave will have to "buyout" of the contract. You will be having orientation for one week and start on your unit after that week with a preceptor. Training depends on your unit, my unit is 6 -8 weeks, but if you don't feel comfortable you can ask for a few more weeks. As for culture wise, it is very very diverse. Sorry for the typos I'm using my phone.