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  1. Thank you to everyone who responded! My husband is a federal employee and it would be great if we could both work for the same facility! I appreciate hearing about your experiences. As a new grad, it's difficult to sort through all of the options! Thank you, again!
  2. saminde

    Selecting a position/specialty unit training

    I have found that December hasn't been necessarily a GOOD time to graduate because most facilities have their new graduate programs geared towards June grads. They run specialty training/internship programs from June. So, if you want to go to any specialty area, you have to try to find a floor that will take you from January until June or else not work until June, which isn't really a possibility for me. It has just been limiting. I had thought that I'd have an advantage, since I wouldn't have to compete with as many other new grads, but that's not really how things have turned out in this area (Virginia/Western MD/Central PA). I'm not saying that I CAN'T get a job or anything, I just don't have as many options as a new graduate as people who graduate in June. I started looking months ago at new grad internships because I have been looking for a perioperative one, and I'm finding that of about 8 hospitals... only 2 are possibilities for me as a December grad. I'm sorry if this isn't very good news. If you want to go Med/Surg, I'm sure it's not a problem. There are tons of M/S jobs out there and they don't require internships. Good luck! Sara :)
  3. saminde

    ICU-New Grads.../Tuition?

    Harrisburg, PA (pinnaclehealth.org) , Hershey PA (Hershey Medical Center) are both offering 15K for 3 years in the ICU... lots of choices. Also, Sentara Health in Virginia Beach is offering 15K. In Philadelphia Graduate Hospital (Tenet Healthcare) is offering 20K for all of their ICUs. I'm looking myself for an internship after graduation. With kids, that sign on money to repay my loans is priceless. http://college.msn.careerbuilder.com/jobseeker/jobs/jobresults.aspx?argv0=Pennsylvania_Philadelphia_Nurse.htm&ArgURL=/co.ic/Pennsylvania_Philadelphia_Nurse.htm&cbRecursionCnt=1&cbsid=7bf3b6d877c843f2b32dbdcdd3d5a560-172430661-x5-2 Good luck to you~
  4. saminde

    Should I break my contract?

    Hi! I'm not sure how much your scholarship money was... but, have you looked for places that are offering a loan repayment deal? I have been talking to recruiters at some hospitals and a few have offered $15,000 in loan repayment money. This money is given over 3 years, $5,000/year. At the 6 month point of each year, you receive a check for your 5K minus tax. What if you found something like this? Then it wouldn't be a big deal to tell them that you're "out". You'd be getting the money back from your first employer. Even if you agreed to a slow repayment and then used the sign on money to repay them off faster- it's not like they'd argue and you wouldn't have to worry about how this will hurt you. I'm with you... don't work for a company that has low morale. Look at the bottom of the ladder, too. Start with techs... are they happy? If not, why? Are they treated poorly? Do they have opportunities to advance. If not... chances are that everyone above them is kinda "stuck", too. Techs may very well feel more open to discussing this with you than a nurse; at least, that's what I found with my current employer). I'm definately NOT staying after graduation. Morale stinks. People are not encouraged to make lateral moves into other departments if they are unhappy, and I haven't seen a single person move up the ladder in almost 8 months. My family and I are planning to relocate after I graduate, so I've been visiting a lot of different hospitals, talking with recruiters, and walking in the hallways. You would be amazed by what you hear people talking about. ALSO... I have stopped nurses and said, "excuse me, but I wondered what department you work in... do you like it, how long have you been there, is there a high turnover, are they frequently using agency nurses (to fill in gaps of employees that have called out, or who have quit)". I know it probably sounds strange, but people are actually very friendly, and I think they know that I am genuinely interested, not just being nosey. I tell them something like: I have a small children, and i need to find the right fit for my situation. I haven't had trouble figuring out which hospitals I like, but which type of nursing to do is a whole other thing!!! Good luck!!!
  5. My school has used the ATI for a few years and says that it's a very accurate indicator. We are required to take each section's exam after completion of a course (ex. med/surg course, at end take that ATI exam). Strangely, many of us have done what we consider to be terrible... 55%, but we are told that this is still a high probablility of passing the NCLEX. Recent graduates told us that the NCLEX was NOTHING compared to the stuff that was thrown out there by the ATI. They said that they actually felt good while taking the NCLEX because ATI had driven some of the finer points home for them! So, in short... you'll do fine!!!!!! You sound like you are really studying... covering your bases. Hope this helps to relax you!
  6. Hi, everyone! I am a student in a BSN program and will graduate in December (which I thought would be an advantage... and is actually a limiting factor). I wondered how you all have selected a specialty or chosen which floor to work on if you are in a hospital? Many of my school's clinicals are on the med/surg floor of the same hospital. I know what I don't like or what I'm not sure that I can handle... but after that, it's all fuzzy! I loved the OR experience that I had, and interviewed on a post-surg floor that I loved... but how do you really decide? I'm not sure what I'm going to want to do over the long term, other than to say that I want my MSN and to keep learning new skills and advancing. Many career choices seem to limit what you can do and where you can go. So far, I love the OR, the ED, PACU, and the post-surg unit. I'm completely fascinated by the nurse anesthetist, but didn't especially care for the ICU, which you need to have if you are going to apply to CRNA schools. I also have two very young children, so I will have a few years to work before I want to return for more education... and with a little experience. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! I feel so lost!
  7. saminde

    When is everybody starting work and what unit?

    You're in Jersey? Any advice on where to work in Jersey? I have family all over that region (Eastern PA, Northern DE, Western NJ) and have considered returning there after I grad, but have no idea where to apply. I have a sibling in a little town over there... Runnemeade!
  8. saminde

    I've left the OR

    hi everyone! i am a student graduating from a bsn program in december 05. i have been seriously considering a perioperative internship after graduation (i have interviewed in two seperate hospitals for the same type of program). it is a year long and offers didactic, scrub, and circulating experience in all of the specialties in the hospital's or. i have always loved being in the or... unlike my peers, i enjoy being covered from head to toe, enjoy the precision of it, the lack of meddling family member! i am an adult learner and have other experience outside nursing in dealing with "challenging" personalities. my concern is that i repeatedly hear that only a certain type of personality is a fit in the or. how do you know if that is you???? i have heard a million horror stories, but i'm still interested. most or nurses that i speak with about the or say that they love their jobs, they love the environment, and that they could never see themselves elsewhere in nursing. what exactly does it take to be good in the or? also, what kind of advanced practice options are there for rns? i would like to have room to grow into my career and wonder what there is for msn's in the or... besides education and administration. i had an interest in nurse anesthesia, but have heard that i would most likely spend years working in the icu (and should go there after graduation) to meet this requirement for entrance, which would keep me out of the environment that i love. any guidance?
  9. saminde

    Harrisburg? Hershey?

    I wondered if anyone has participated in an internship program at either Harrisburg (Pinnacle Health) or Hershey Medical Center? I'm reviewing information from both... but I'm out of state and don't know which way to lean. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  10. saminde

    Ocala area hospitals

    I was going to suggest Florida Hospital in Orlando. I know it's a little farther from Ocala, but they offer great Internship programs, and RELOCATION assistance!! Where are you moving from? I have family near Ocala, and have considered a move there myself, and my first choice in hospital was Florida Hospital. It's a huge network, tons of opportunity.
  11. saminde

    Help....i almost puked in clinicals

    I have two little ones. There is a huge difference between cleaning up baby poo and cleaning up the poop of a 100+lb person!!! :chuckle It hasn't helped me one bit. :chuckle
  12. saminde

    Help....i almost puked in clinicals

    Chew gum. Strong, minty gum. The smell helps offset the ...stench! Also, if you are doing clinicals somewhere that offers a peri spray, USE IT! The smell of that stuff is strong enough to over-ride a manure truck! Anyway, I think we all have our hangups... certain things that we can't deal with very well. Don't worry too much about it. Good luck!
  13. saminde

    From OR to PACU?

    I was curious to know if it is more common to move from the ICU to PACU than it is to transfer from the OR to PACU? I am a student nurse and will be doing an externship this summer in the OR/PACU in a large hospital. I wonder what the chances of working PACU are later down the road if I start with the OR. Do many people leave the OR after beginning there, or after having an established career there? I keep hearing from OR nurses that once they are in the OR, they never want to go to a floor or unit! Is this your experience? I appreciate any information that you can share. It's difficult to chose a specialty area for an internship!!! Thanks everyone!
  14. saminde

    Single SRNAs..

    Wow... What school do you attend? I'm a married, mother of a preschooler and a toddler in an accelerated BSN program in Virginia... there are only 2 married people in my class, and we get screwed over! They schedule classes whenever it's convenient for the traditional students (for example, all classes in 1 day even if they run until 9 PM- when daycares have LONG been closed!!!). Honestly, I find myself having to fight to get a daytime clinical because I have no family here except my husband, who is working 24/7 to support us! Seems the grass is always greener...! Sorry to hear that all of you are lonely; I'm sure it would be nice to have someone to encourage you when you're getting frustrated. I think no matter what side of this thing you're on, it's hard to go to school as an adult. Money is always an issue. For my spouse and me (he's a police officer... you can imagine the pay with 4 of us living off it!!!), it's been one sacrifice after another. And NOW... I've discovered a passion for anesthesia and have been talking about grad school in a few years. I'm absolutely going to drive my husband insane with my educational goals. Good luck to all of you! Thanks for the interesting reading! :)
  15. saminde

    New Grad Decisions MICU vs NICU?

    Another detail that I forgot to include is that I have a PACU externship this summer...
  16. saminde

    New Grad Decisions MICU vs NICU?

    I was reading this string... thinking about my options, and I must say... It never occurred to me that this is how it is in ICU. Is it any ICU, or a certain one... just Neuro? I'm graduating with my BSN in December 05 and already know that my long term goal is to be a CRNA, but I dread going to the ICU because I keep hearing that the more experienced nurses tear up the new grads, just for kicks! The hospital I am considering offers internship programs for MICU, SICU, CVICU, PICU... also OR. I am struggling with where to go for the best experience. I have two small children and I'm not sure how long I will have to wait to go back to school again (could be 5 years or so!). I worry that if I don't take an ICU experience as a new grad, I'll never go there... but at the same time, I love the OR environment- and feel excited just thinking about being in there! Any advice?