Harrisburg? Hershey?


I wondered if anyone has participated in an internship program at either Harrisburg (Pinnacle Health) or Hershey Medical Center? I'm reviewing information from both... but I'm out of state and don't know which way to lean. Any suggestions? Thanks!


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If you're a new grad, go with Hershey. It's a Level I trauma center for the region, growing like cancer, and a good place to see things and learn. I've heard good and bad things about it, but overall most of what I hear seems to be good. If I decide to stay in the area, I might consider Hershey. I did originally apply there, but since I wasn't new enough, I couldn't get in their internship program for critical care, and I was going to get thrown on the floor. I'd done enough of that as an LPN. Eventually, after looking at options elsewhere and still deciding I wanted to come back to PA to live, I ended up working for a local "competetitor". I got promises, then I got the shaft. I was offered a critical care class; instead I got the ECCO class (the AACN online class) and a practical orientation about which I could give mixed reviews. I was given an opportunity later to sit in on a few of the actual critical care classes (when they decided to offer them) but the classes weren't what I expected they would be. After all, to pull people in, there's a lot of hype and hyperbole strewn about in the hiring world. My contract is up in January; should I decide to stay in the area, I might consider applying to Hershey, unless I decide to take a year or two off from nursing (this recent experience has burned me out). But I say, go with Hershey if you can.

Friend want to Hershey and loves it. She says the "kisses" are great and the learning experience is very good. Good luck.


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Thank you both! I have been to the area, and two different systems have offered me OR Internships. I'm a new grad and definately want to get a great learning experience, so I'm leaning towards Hershey. Thank you both! :balloons:

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