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  1. radioed

    NYU hiring process

    Congrats on the job! I was also recently hired at NYULMC and will start orientation in Sept. too! I graduated with a BSN from another nursing school, but was referred to a nurse manager at NYU by a friend. HR called me for an interview which went well and then sent me to meet the nurse manager later that day. Unfortunately, the unit didn't have any open positions, but the recruiter kept in touch and scheduled me an interview with a unit that was hiring. For that interview, I met with a panel of about six people from the unit. Fortunately, it went wonderfully and HR contacted me with the offer a week later :-)
  2. radioed

    Re: New Grad orientation at New York Methodist

    I received an offer from New York Methodist a few weeks ago, but passed on it for another organization so I can offer some up-to-date insight. I graduated with a BSN two months ago and passed the NCLEX last month and was referred to HR by a friend who worked at NYM. HR called me to schedule an interview and e-mailed me an online data entry skill assessment which I passed. At my HR interview, the recruiter asked me the usual questions, ie. why nursing? why nym? strengths? They then gave me info about the salary and benefits which is about 80k plus NYSNA union benefits. The recruiter then set me up with an interview with the director of nursing for the following week. That interview was much more in-depth as he was joined by a colleague. Besides the usual questions, there was some complex ones, such as how would you handle an angry family member. After my interview, they called the Nurse Manager of a unit that was hiring and sent me straight there where I met the staff and toured the unit. That interview was much more relaxed, just getting to know me more and describing the work environment. Everyone was very nice and encouraging. About a week later, I got a call from HR offering me the position.
  3. radioed

    UTMB Accelerated Program Summer 2014

    I just received my acceptance via email this morning!:) I interviewed last thursday too! They told me to expect an answer in 4-6 weeks, so that was pretty quick!
  4. radioed

    Stony Brook Accelerated Nursing Class of 2015

    I'm a dude and was accepted on Dec. 4 :) I also interviewed on Oct. 24th. Looking forward to meeting you all and I, too, will be looking for a room by the university around May/June.
  5. radioed

    CUNY LEHMAN - Accelerated Program Questions

    They're still working processing my application =(. I doubt I will receive an acceptance letter by the deadline. Did they tell you how long the transfer credit evaluation will take once you submit your deposit?
  6. radioed

    CUNY LEHMAN - Accelerated Program Questions

    @Destin293, did you get accepted to Lehman, the school itself(not the nursing program), yet? I'm also in the same predicament. I'm in BMCC and applied to transfer two months ago and haven't heard anything yet and I'm scheduled to take the HESI this saturday. I'm afraid I won't get an acceptance letter before the mar.15 nursing app deadline, which would be a waste of money for the exam, evaluation, transcripts, etc.
  7. radioed

    Lehman College Nursing Program

    Hi Everyone! I was wondering if anyone is currently enrolled or have completed Lehman College's Nursing program and what their take or experience was like. I'm interested in applying to either Lehman or Hunter, but since they are both CUNY, I can only apply to one of them and I think I would have a better chance of getting into Lehman, but was curious about their program, specifically the generic and accelerated BSN. Thanks!