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I'm a new grad RN :-)

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gizmojamz is a BSN, RN and specializes in Transplant.

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  1. gizmojamz

    Can I break my contract if I'm homesick?

    I could have written this as I too have recently moved from home to another state for my first nursing job (well the first hospital one anyway) which also has me on a 2-year contract. However, the location I'm in is a neighboring state so the drive from here to home is very reasonable. While I find the new town I'm in doesn't compare to home, it definitely could be much worse. I would try to keep in contact as much as possible with family, I'm sure they're interested in how you're fairing at your new job. It'll be tough but try to get involved in things you did at home. For example, try and go pamper yourself at the spa. Go to your local gym. Volunteer. Go shopping, to the zoo, etc. I have found more peace with my situation as I know this is temporary and I'll gain valuable experience in the long run as well. As time passes, it'll be easier! And also think about this as time passes, you're that much closer to fulfilling your part of the contract and will be rewarded with a bonus in the end so it isn't all for nothing. Remember this, the homesickness will be temporary, your stay will be temporary but the experiences and clinical skills you gain will stay with you wherever you go!
  2. gizmojamz

    Get your med surg experience early!

    Yes, things are very different now. I'm a new nurse and I've heard stories like yours from other seasoned nurses who have also been able to get into their specialties with little to no med surg experience. I hope to advance my career by transitioning into public health nursing at some point after completing 2 years (I'm on contract) at my current job. Throughout my time in school, there was something about bedside nursing that I did not like and I think it's the lack of real interaction with the patients besides what boxes needed to be checked for charting. Oh how I wish things were different!
  3. gizmojamz

    Get your med surg experience early!

    I agree with this. I graduated from nursing school in fall 2018 and it took me 1 year to find the current hospital position I have now. Within that year, I do feel like my skills have collected dust, as I like to say. In between that time I worked a home care job which required very little critical thinking skills and at the minimum very basic assessment skills. So when I have had encounters for things like starting IVs I have to explain to my fellow nurses that it's literally been 1 year since I've even been in a hospital environment, let alone done any IVs as a student nurse. I feel like it's easy for staff to forget that you may not have the 10+ years of med-surg experience they do and that I'm not the fresh doe-eyed type of new nurse, I'm an "old new grad" who has experienced a lapse in exposure to the bedside nursing environment. I'm truly thankful to have the opportunity that I do now but I feel like things would have been different for me had I started hospital orientation within a month or two after graduating. Unfortunately, that just wasn't the path provided for me.
  4. gizmojamz

    Half the class expelled... help.

    Wow that is crazy. I'm sorry this happened to you. I have a friend who went to a for profit school and had a scenario like this happen to her as well. She was able to graduate 6 months later after she and a bunch of other nursing students who still wanted to fight got together and lawyered up. If you can get in touch with more of those students, you might have a good case on your hands.
  5. gizmojamz

    Graduate Nurse Looking for a Job

    You're welcome! Please update us on here if you find anything
  6. gizmojamz

    Graduate Nurse Looking for a Job

    Congratulations on graduating. I'm going to be honest with you, DFW has been extremely competitive lately for new grad nurses in particular. It's mostly because this area is saturated with nursing schools thus resulting in a lot of new grads in the area to compete with which also affects the wait time for reviewing your application and receiving the request to interview. You say you haven't gotten any position offers so I take it you are getting interviews. That's good. You might need to spread your wings and be open about the possibility of applying in locations outside of DFW. Also, don't knock potentially relocating outside of Texas. Not saying you should give up on DFW, just know that you have 1 year from your graduation date to qualify for nurse residency programs. After that, you're an "old new grad." I would recommend applying for SNFs, LTAC and rehab facilities. The main goal is to get an offer and get clinical nursing experience period, whether it be in a residency program or a regular full-time position at a smaller facility. Don't be discouraged there are many more like yourself in the same boat, trust me. Keep applying!
  7. gizmojamz

    Denied every job so far as a new grad bsn

    @brightfutureRN Initially, in Fall when graduation was approaching I applied for most critical care positions as well as med surg. Since then I've had a total 4 interviews within that specialty (In CC) but no offer. I have had about 4 or 5 interviews for med surg positions for new grad residencies and still no offers. They're incredibly picky (as they should for various reasons) even if you have all the qualifications (including previous CNA experience, at that!). Since that has happened, I've been applying indiscriminately to anything I'm eligible for including positions that use the word "preferred" for certain qualifiers. I've been applying to local nursing homes, LTACs, SNFs, rehab hospitals, within the metroplex as well as those located in the mid-cities on the outskirts of the major cities. Yes, I must admit I do have my moments when my efforts feel fruitless but I still make myself fill out at least 10-15 applications every day if I can because it never hurts. You miss 100% of the shots you don't take. Thank you for your kind words. I know it will work out eventually. Just didn't expect the process to be THIS long and grueling.
  8. gizmojamz

    Denied every job so far as a new grad bsn

    Thank you so much for the words of encouragement. I'm so happy you were able to find a good position (and in the specialty you desire too!) Unfortunately, in my case, it's been almost 5 months now since receiving my license and almost 6 since getting my BSN. It's been extremely tough. I'm aware of how competitive it is for new grads, especially considering that I live in a major metroplex where I am. I've explored the option of going out of state but the reality hit me hard that it can become quite expensive applying for license endorsement, and even flying out for interviews (which I may or may not get an offer for). I definitely haven't given up applying or interviewing (and I AM getting bites). However, I just need an actual offer that will consolidate my clinical skills. Thank you once again!
  9. gizmojamz

    October 2019 GN Residency: Texas Health Resources (THR)

    My applications still say under review. Good Luck!
  10. gizmojamz

    Denied every job so far as a new grad bsn

    @brightfutureRN I know this post is at least a year old but did you manage to find a full time position? I'm currently dealing with something similar to this myself.
  11. gizmojamz

    October 2019 GN Residency: Texas Health Resources (THR)

    @Kels21082 Still nothing yet on my end.
  12. gizmojamz

    October 2019 GN Residency: Texas Health Resources (THR)

    I'm a fall 2018 grad and I applied. Received the graduate nurse preference forms email 1-2 days after applying. Haven't heard anything else yet.
  13. Hello, I am a new grad RN with a BSN. I was wondering if anyone else has interviewed with Cleveland Clinic recently? I received a request for a new grad position. What questions did they typically ask for this format? This type of video interview is the one where you answer preselected questions and then send it in by a certain date. So because of this, I can only guess that if they decide to move forward they will request an in-person interview at the site. If this is the case, what more can I expect? I'm very interested in this position. So far from what I've read, this facility has expectations comparable to that of UTSW here in Texas, as they are both well-known research hospitals.
  14. gizmojamz

    Anyone heard of Protouch Medical?

    I would like to get some insight from travel nurses on this employment agency. I've googled it and it comes up as Protouch Staffing. I've never heard of it but from the 10 reviews I've seen on Glassdoor, it appears to be a legit agency. But I still don't know. Has anyone worked with this company before? The reason I ask for insight from travel nurses is that I received I call from them and decided to call them back. The guy I spoke with told me that they are used to getting new grads jobs and that the closest job opportunities they could potentially get me (relative to my area, North Texas) are in the state of New Mexico. I'm from the DFW area and I've had a tough time getting accepted to the nurse residencies around here and I can't say I'm too surprised but I thought I'd at least get a bite on something. My colleagues from school have managed to get accepted to these with no problem. I should mention that I have a BSN and experience in both long term care and acute care as a nurse assistant. I ask because at this point relocation may be my only other option and I'm slightly hesitant because it would be a huge jump to take but an obvious plus for my career. If you have worked with this agency, what did you think about it? Any tips would be appreciated.
  15. gizmojamz

    Bitter and Out of Options

  16. gizmojamz

    Baylor Scott and White Grad Nurse Residency - Summer 2019

    Thanks for starting the thread! I just applied on Monday!

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