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waiting to be accepted into a program hard working mama!!

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  1. sadangelbleu

    NCLEX Resource Review - Kaplan, Hurst, UWorld

    I did Saunders, Hurst, Kaplan, and Uworld in that order. I have learning disabilities. Saunders did nothing for me because it was part of a capstone done during the last semester. Hurst was a very good program but as a live review. I did it twice! Kaplan was way too confusing for me. I had Uworld for a year. It didn't help me during school but it is what I used last after almost breaking my computer from Kaplan. I went through all of the questions once and did it again. Read the explanations. It dumbed things down for me and explained things out. I did feel like Uworld mimicked the test plus I felt better after the Nclex. Just remember everyone is different and have different learning styles. I also passed with 75 questions.
  2. sadangelbleu

    Pedi!! I'm so Nervos

    I'm just about to start the Pedi part of the HCC program are there any pointers y'all can give me. I would appreciate it!!!
  3. sadangelbleu

    How much do nurses make?

    California also has unions
  4. sadangelbleu

    Passed NCLEX in 75 questions, and I am a terrible test taker. MY TIPS

    34 page study guide... where is it?
  5. sadangelbleu

    Houston Community College ADN applicants for fall 2015?

    Ok... just to let everyone know that the school is changing their degree plan. They sometimes loose student email a dresses so please keep that in mind. Signing up for classes will be a bloody battle and be prepared for your schedule to change by time, day, or/ teacher. DO NOT WORK DURING THE FIRST WEEK OF CLASSES!!!! They will do hospital orientations on that week sometimes only giving 24 hours notice. There are a lot I can talk about with this school. But I do have to say one thing.... study your but off and hang on for the ride. I have passed all of my classes but not everyone was so lucky. I'm on my second year and this is a very hard class I'm already hitting the books. Good luck!!!
  6. sadangelbleu

    pedi ob meds

    I'm studying at HCC and I' m starting pedi ob soon and I have a question about what are the most common terms and medications for the class. I'm super excited about this upcoming semester, but I'm a bit worried too. Please help!