TEAS Test Results


I just took the teas test and I think I did well. Houston Community College has the requirement of 64% in each subject. I got in reading 73.8%, math 83.3%, science 81.3%, English and language usage 73.3%. Mean national 64.3%, mean program 56.0%, but my rank is up there percentile rank national 83 and for program 95. I think those are good, right?

It's hard to say what's considered "good" for the TEAs. I would say, generally, anything over 75% is pretty good. However, if you ranked in the 95th percentile for your program, you have a pretty good score compared to other applicants in that same program. Wish you the best of luck!

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I think it is pretty good. I got a 78 and am very happy with that. It just depends on what the other applicants who are applying to your program are getting.


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Thank you very much!!! I am nervous about everything, I waited too long to take the test though.