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  1. I too am a Medic/Ec Grad and I would like to maybe do travel nursing in the Sunshine state one day. I e-mailed the Fla BON and the lady basically said if you have a license in another state, come on down they will endorse you. maybe she wasn't clear when I explained about EC but she seemed to act like it wasn't a big deal
  2. Firemedic7

    Excelsior Grads - Where are they now?

    Passed CPNE in July, after FIVE patients! Passed Boards in November, (Excelsior gave us such a leg up on boards IMHO) got hired casual at our local ED. small and busy! Staying at the Fire Department, happy not to be studying, but itching to start working on my BSN...Merry Christmas!!!!
  3. Firemedic7

    I passed the CPNE!!!!

    CONGRATS!!!!!!!! For all those who have to take it, I really thought the flashcards helped me. You can get them thru EC. Again, Great Job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. I am just joining the conversation, but was curious... If a state decides that they are no longer going to accept EC grads will they usually set a date so that anyone finishing by a certain date will be able to be licensed? In other words, once you finish the program, are all the states that allow EC grads now going to always allow those who have graduated? Not trying to muddy the water, I just don't want to see all of us who have worked so hard eventually being limited to only working in the state that we are now currently licensed in. thanks
  5. Firemedic7

    I haven't forgotten you guys

    It's all you this time Sue!!!!!
  6. Firemedic7

    Excelsior RN-to-BSN

    Hey Suesquatch- I kinda like science, do you happen to know off hand which online RN to BSN programs are a little heavier in sciences?
  7. Firemedic7

    Excelsior RN-to-BSN

    Do you have to be enrolled in the college to take the exams, or is it like the ADN where you can take some exams without being a student?
  8. Firemedic7

    I got my second CPNE date

    You know you've got this...... Critical elements and how they apply, you already know what to do:smokin:
  9. Firemedic7

    I wonder how Tracy and Firemedic are doing!

    It's awesome being a part of this community Thanks so much for the support!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Firemedic7

    NCLEX review book?

    Hi All- Just found out I have finished my ADN and am getting ready for boards. This has probably been posted a million times but what is the concensus on the best review book for NCLEX? If someone could direct me to any old threads or give me any info, I would appreciate it God Bless
  11. Firemedic7

    Fight of my life in Racine

    You too, Traci:D
  12. Firemedic7

    Fight of my life in Racine

    Hey guys- Sunday afternoon at 3 o'clock and 5 PCSs later I finally heard the words "congratulations"!!!! Thank you all for all of your help, without allnurses.com and the EC workshop (thanks Kim and Civita) there is no way I would have gotten through. I will post more later but I just wanted to say that Forrest our and CA and all of the CE's were amazing and Racine is an excellent site! Gotta go God bless
  13. Firemedic7

    Nursing Dx??

    Can impaired mobility be a dx if you are going to use "will keep side rails up on bed and will keep bed in lowest position if leaving patient alone" or does impaired mobility only refer to ambulating? my fear is that I will have 1 at risk dx and cannot use "risk for injury as a second one, am I making any sense?
  14. Firemedic7

    Nursing Dx??

    Yes, that does make more sense
  15. Firemedic7

    Nursing Dx??

    OK Guys- I promise, my questions are winding down... You have a pt. with cellulitis and skin breaks on lower extremities as well as an IV. You choose "risk for infection". can you put r/t "invasive lines and tissue trauma to lower extremities" and then use "will use aseptic technique when assessing IV site" and "will assess lower extremities for signs of redness and unusual drainage"???? BTW, Thanks soooo much for all of the help:p