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  1. random1025

    The Medical City 2013

    Can you share the email address you used? Thanks in advance. Best of luck for your exam :)
  2. random1025

    Emilio Aguinaldo Medical Center EACMC

    Nope. Eacmc is located at Salitran, Cavite while mcm (now manilamed) is at UN Manila.
  3. random1025

    Hospital hiring

    Yes they do. The recent batch of trainee is now on their final exam after the training perse. So next batch will be open again after they've done with that.
  4. random1025

    Providence Hospital Inc

    From Quezon Ave MRT station ride any jeep going to Manila.. It will just take 5-10mins from the mrt to providence. Landmark, it's beside Puregold and before red ribbon & mcdonald Quezon ave. The Bldg is on on-going construction btw.
  5. random1025

    Makati medical center- cetn 2012

    You should put what's on your supporting certificate.
  6. random1025

    Company Nurse

    Hi everyone. I just want to make a thread regarding COMPANY NURSE position. No thread yet for this position so lets start to share things about it. Post anything that can help those who doesn't have idea and for what about the Company position.. thank you in advance.
  7. random1025

    St. Luke's Global City Training 2012.

    Pass it directly to HR at the basement 1 - Manpower and Staffing Office.
  8. random1025

    Providence Hospital Inc

    Wow! Nice to hear that. May we know where is the HR office located? Share some details to us. Thank you :)
  9. random1025

    Manila Doctors training

    Does anyone here have the idea on what is a NURSE FLOATER? Is this the madocs manpooling?
  10. random1025

    Manila Doctors Hospital- Nursing Opportunities

    Does anyone here have an idea on what do they mean on NURSE FLOATERS? Is this the manpooling of madocs?
  11. random1025

    How's the exam like in CAPITOL medical center???

    Do they have a pay training program? Coz I applied in CMC last month (January,2014) they haven't inform us about that, we just passed the requirement needed posted in the bulletin board outside the HR.
  12. random1025

    Hospital of the infant jesus

    Is this for a Staff Nurse or Volunteer/Training type?
  13. random1025

    Providence Hospital Inc

    Yup. On the construction site their is an entrance for construction personnel. The gurad is there. You can hand it on him.
  14. random1025

    Providence Hospital Inc

    I submitted the usual requirement needed to the guard. Just hand it on him. It will be better if you have contact person to Providence so that the guard will surely pass it on the right person in charge. Updates on the bldg, most likely it will be finish by 3rd or 4th quarter this year.
  15. random1025

    desperate nurse

    In my batch as RNheals, i do have 3 colleagues ages 37-38. Ages is not a problem as long as you want to pursue the nursing career. First do some refreshers in basic nursing skills like BLS, ACLS, IVT. Nothing is easy in nursing but it is always good to learned again. Good luck
  16. random1025


    Hi! May I ask what happened to your application? Is that for PGNT or staff nurse position? Can you give us tips so we can apply to. Thank you very much :)

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