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  1. Junebug14


    Any of you experience an issue where you were pulled to another unit, such as ICU because staff was low/no ICU nurse and you are the one that is the "best fit"?
  2. Junebug14

    265 Questions NCLEX - PASSED!

    I passed with 265 and failed with 265 😣
  3. Junebug14

    Is there any hope for me at this point?

    I took it 3 times. The Hurst Review helped a ton! Definitely need to study and do a review. 3 years is a while but it can happen! Good luck!
  4. Junebug14

    NCLEX RN exam 2018 - finished at 265q

    Reading this made me remember how agonizing it was waiting. I had 265 questions and it took me 5 hours too! Congrats!
  5. Junebug14

    Third time is a charm!!!!

    I just went back after all these years and read this and saw your comment. Saw your name has RN behind it now, congrats!
  6. Junebug14

    Third time is a charm!!!!

    I just went back after all these years and read this and saw your comment. Saw your name has RN behind it now, congrats!
  7. Junebug14

    Failed twice passed third attempt

    Congrats!!!! I took it 3 times as well except had 265 twice and 206 another!!! Makes a long day! Good luck with your new title! í ½í¸
  8. Junebug14

    How to NOT interview for your RN/LPN job!

    I can't believe people interviewing for a nursing job actually would do these things 😣😣
  9. Junebug14

    Looking to go from ADN to BSN

    I live in Oklahoma, went to Rogers State University and received my ADN. I am wanting to obtain a BSN degree to eventually obtain a master's. I am wanting 100% online if possible. Any suggestions?? MUST BE ACCREDITED.
  10. Junebug14

    NICHE GRN 2016

    I currently work in a facility that allows me to have a NICHE membership for free. I completed the Geriatric Resource Nurse 2016 certificate. I was wondering if that has helped anyone with obtaining a new position? I am looking to switch jobs and I just finished the course, just wondering if I should mention it in the resume if it was worth it. Anyone else have this certificate?
  11. Junebug14

    First phone interview for 2nd job

    I have applied at a smaller hospital, but closer to where I live. I am needing to leave my current job, due to stress of staffing issues, expected duties not nurse related and such, also wanting a shorter commute. I received an email requesting a phone interview, I have never had to do one before, so any pointers would be amazing.
  12. Junebug14

    Need resume advice!!!!

    thanks for the advice, I will check out your information!
  13. Junebug14

    Need resume advice!!!!

    I need to fix my resume to submit for a new RN job. I have 2.5 years of experience already as a RN, but I was just wondering if I need to even include my student nurse clinical areas as I did when I was applying for my first position fresh out of school. Also, how important is the cover letter?
  14. Junebug14


    Right, i get the other stuff because we actually use that
  15. Junebug14


    Wow! The replies! I was pretty sure that this was not ok, thr mopping is a simple swiffer type mop, but still. I don't think it is ok. The charge nurse usually does this, however I have done it before. 😐