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  1. murseman24

    Best sedation med

    Precedex was the only thing we were allowed to keep on when we were coming off the vent, so it was used to that end. But yeah, I wouldn't call it a "strong" med for sedation purposes.
  2. murseman24

    Will my stats get me into school?

    GPA not a deal breaker but it will stand out as a little subpar I think. Some schools take the GRE (yours is pretty good) a little more serious than GPA, and look at science GPA in addition to total GPA. If you struggled in your science and math courses that may be an issue. Overall though I think you have a pretty decent chance of getting an interview. If your science and math courses really caused you some issue and you gave them a lot of effort, I would be careful. CRNA school is much tougher than most (me included) think, despite all the warnings. Know which schools lack student support and are more academically challenging if this is the case. Your GRE score shows good promise, you'll probably do fine.
  3. murseman24

    Nursing Prioritization! Help!

  4. I don't know either. I know zofran can cause headaches, that's about the only neuro symptom I can think of. It's not you being a student, that's a good question.
  5. murseman24


    Q-wave in 1, and aVL looks pretty funky. That would be my guess, a lateral infarct
  6. murseman24


    Offlabel and passinggas, It is quite obvious from your posts you work in anesthesia (also passinggas is a bit of a giveaway . Being able to think for yourself and getting away from policies as a safety net from taking on personal responsibility for your actions or understanding what you're doing is one of the great things about your job.
  7. murseman24

    Atrial kick and A-flutter

    Sorry, I didn't get a "notice" that you replied b/c I wasn't quoted in your response. So let me know if I'm interpreting this correctly. CO is maintained by increased preload (from the RAAS system). I thought you were making the case that it was maintained through ANP secretion. I understand that ANP is secreted as the atria stretches in response to the increased preload, but it is not a contributing factor to the maintenance of the CO (It is maintained through fluid retention via aldosterone/ADH), correct? I'm confused as to the significance of ANP in this scenario.
  8. murseman24

    Best sedation med

    Sounds like you have a pretty good working knowledge already. Do you have a specific question regarding these meds? In our ICU we used Prop/Fentanyl as the standard, but if hemodynamically unstable we dropped the propofol for Versed or Ativan.
  9. murseman24

    Intubation turning into a code blue

    That sounds like he doesn't know what he's doing. First step should have been an OPA and 2-handed technique. "The bag not working" just sounds stupid. Mask ventilating really is a skill that needs practiced, not as intuitive as you would think.
  10. murseman24

    New Grad in the ICU. Is this right for me?

    Sounds like you're already doing it. Maybe buy an ICU specific nursing book for reference. I had one from the AACN.
  11. murseman24

    Prepare for ICU job

    buy an ICU nursing book. Not "The ICU Book", that one is a bit much, and meant for medical residents/internists. Look for one by the AACN, I had "advanced critical care nursing", which was helpful. Understand vasopressors (levophed, phenylephrine, vasopressin, epinephrine), how to treat sepsis, understand EKG rhythm interpretation, and know ACLS (buy the book if you don't have it already). Basic ABG interpretation.
  12. murseman24

    Anyone else regret becoming a nurse?

    If you don't mind me asking, what exactly did you do as a primary care RN that a MA doesn't do? Giving injections and assisting with procedures sounds like a MA job description.
  13. I think the difficulty level is highly overrated. I had children and full time work when I was going through school as a second career and got through with a 4.0 never really feeling stressed about my grades (tired, yes). And yes, It would piss people off that I would be studying material for the test AFTER next b/c I was "done" studying for the current one. I also didn't do study groups (AKA social hour) and was pretty consistent with my time. I think it's all about organizing your time. I'm sorry, but I don't think people are willing to put in the work. The material is not that difficult, it's all memorization.
  14. murseman24

    Any facilities actually using an AccuVein? Any thoughts?

    Worthless. ultrasound is the way to go for a difficult stick. I hate those things, never had any success with them. Guaranteed to get it every time with US