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  1. murseman24

    Was RN school easy for you?

    Had my first kid, worked full time as a tech during night shifts, Nursing school full time and pre-reqs full time as full of a load as fast as possible. Went to a really good nursing school. Was tired sometimes but graduated with only 1 B the rest A's. Just be dedicated and have good study habits. A couple of my pre-reqs were more difficult academically than nursing school.
  2. murseman24

    Justifying the cost of an Ivy League Nursing Education

    Not worth it for basic nursing education
  3. murseman24

    Masters vs DNP?

    I really don't think the MSN vs DNP job competition will ever be a thing for CRNAs. To be extra competitive in the job market as a CRNA means you are capable of practicing independently, are proficient in regional anesthesia, and comfortable with OB and peds. You are a provider and your skills make you valuable.
  4. murseman24

    Masters vs DNP?

    If an MDA ever trolled allnurses.com that would be one helluva pitiful MDA. Much better places to troll CRNAs.
  5. murseman24

    Masters vs DNP?

    I would go MSN all the way. A lot of DNP programs will allow you to work while completing the DNP portion upfront, so it makes it more palatable. But I don't think you're missing out on any job opportunities. The programs I'm most familiar with in my area that are DNP and used to be MSN just added a bunch of discussion board posts and paper writing. It's more expensive and adds no clinical value. I understand it from a political perspective though, but practically speaking I think it's pretty worthless. (Think BSN vs. ADN).
  6. murseman24

    Standing orders

    Yeah, they just signed the order without paying attention to it and are now throwing the nurse under the bus to save their own ***.
  7. murseman24

    Breaking New Grad Contract

    Hmmm.... I wonder which of the two major hospital systems in Orlando, FL changed the name of their subsidiary hospital group to reflect the name of their holding company?
  8. murseman24

    Classism in the Hospital-MD vs. RN

    It's just a very old and outdated hierarchical system that brings one profession up at the expense of the rest. Most of ya'll sound like you've drank the Koolaid and are suffering from Stockholm Syndrome. The nursing profession will continue to garner little respect when you can't even respect yourself.
  9. murseman24

    Nursing instructor question

    You won't be paid well as a nursing instructor and you would be doing your students a disservice. Please don't. an NP and PA don't do as much "bedside" care, you can always move on to something like that.. there are other options with less hands-on bedside care
  10. murseman24

    Bedside / ICU Surgery (Decompressive Laparotomies)

    When I did rapid response we didn't have your role, and most of the patients were medical not complex surgical. I would let the ICU nurses handle the stabilization/ACLS interventions and busy yourself with the setup for the procedure. If you're on a floor that doesn't handle codes and crises often like the ICU then godspeed to you for trying to stabilize the patient and set everything up at the same time.
  11. murseman24

    Pediatric resp distress

  12. I once had a GI doc ask me what MAP meant (mean arterial pressure). You can't know everything. Maybe an emergency med doc has the most training for any general issues you might come across on the street. But then these are the same people the rest of the hospital pokes fun at because they always seem to be grasping for straws and missing things. No one's perfect. Your family doesn't have a clue.
  13. I'm in the same exact position as you and had the SAME response. You just stop breathing or have a heart attack and I got you babe. Take your cough and achy tummy somewhere else.
  14. murseman24

    IV Push Meds

    Just push it... push it reeeaal good
  15. murseman24

    Cardiac meds

    It can cause atropine-resistant bradycardia and hypotension as it has non-competitive alpha and beta adrenergic antagonism. This patient has been on it for a while it sounds and this is just a maintenance dose, so I doubt you would see these effects here, but I think parameters are important b/c as the nurse you could be blamed for an adverse event if hemodynamic compromise does occur for some reason and you gave a drug with "borderline" vitals.
  16. murseman24

    One NP with online education

    No sh*t