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murseman24 is a MSN, CRNA and specializes in anesthesiology.

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  1. murseman24

    No Narcs?

  2. murseman24

    Took Ibuprofen for 2nd Vaccine

    I think the general recommendation is to take tylenol over ibuprofen as ibuprofen has been shown to reduce the immune response somehow. This is probably more of an issue with older patients who typically don't mount as adequate of an immune response...
  3. murseman24

    Intubation Should Be A Nursing Skill, Especially Now

    agreed. If already coding RT can intubate, as they don't need meds at that point and all you need is the physical act of intubating. Someone circling the drain requires much more consideration with someone that has the legal authority to make indep...
  4. murseman24

    Intubation Should Be A Nursing Skill, Especially Now

    I performed over 500 intubations before graduating CRNA school, and after that there were still plenty of airways that would give me pause or require extra help and consideration. Special situations like limited mouth opening or deranged anatomy/phy...
  5. murseman24

    JUST finished school

    Why wait so long to take your boards? Didn't you just spend the last 4 years learning what you need to take them? I think it better to cram really hard over a two week period if you're worried about boards then to wait so long to take them. I mean...
  6. How can one have the capacity for this when they are focused on how to prime the IV tubing they never got to touch in school? No, you have to be able to go through the basic motions before you can "ascend" to the level of critical thinking.
  7. This is ridiculous and SHOULD NOT BE A THING. You should not be able to graduate without a minimum of clinical hours. When I graduated I worked as a CNA in the ICU full time during the nights while I did nursing ADN program full time. I did CPR mo...
  8. Noice! *tips hat in your direction
  9. murseman24


    Toradol is supposed to have the same strength as 10mg of morphine. There is good evidence for magnesium. Tylenol and ibuprofen work best when given together. Gabapentin.
  10. "When medication such as a vitamin is administered via intravenous infusion the vitamin bypasses the liver; this is known as the first-pass effect." That's not really how that works... Why waste your time exaggerating the purported dangers of...
  11. murseman24

    Bagging ETT

    Looks like ya'll pretty much got the physiology covered, quality post guys! Only thing I can add towards bagging "technique" is when squeezing hold the bag for a quick half second at end inspiration to allow the alveoli to remain open and turn up th...
  12. I just want to say I think it's great that you're critically thinking and questioning these practices.
  13. murseman24

    Over $300k in student loans - help.

    the IBR schedule is 20 years, not 10, that is PSLF. Mathematically you just pay less this way, plain and simple.
  14. murseman24

    Over $300k in student loans - help.

    This statement was made in response to a comment on the general utility of Dave Ramsey's advice from someone other than the OP. My advice as previously mentioned to the OP is to get on an income-based repayment program and go for forgiveness. In th...