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  1. honeybunny24

    Advice whether I should I file an appeal?

    My old classmate will be starting nursing this Fall. I know that I’m taking a risk of getting her kicked out too and I would feel really bad maybe I need to let it go and hope to get in elsewhere
  2. honeybunny24

    Advice whether I should I file an appeal?

    Thank your for your advice. I do feel bad if I get her kicked outI am waiting to see if I get into another program this May.
  3. Hello everyone, I was in a ADN nursing program in Fall 2014 and had to withdraw due to failing the program. The sad thing was that I was in my last semester To make a long story short, I went back to school became an LVN and decided that being a RN is what I want to be. So in 2017, I applied to several LVN to RN programs and including the nursing program where I withdrew. The program that I withdrew, selected me to take the challenge exam and I passed and did everything the school asked me to do. I even got my nursing class schedule for Fall 2018. To my surprise when I was supposed to register for the nursing course, I was unable to because I was l locked out. I contacted the dean about it and they didn’t realize that I was a previous nursing student and she told me that wouldn’t be able to attend the program because the school policy says there are no re-admittance into the program. I was so depressed to have that happened to me. I just found out my old nursing classmate who failed the same nursing program twice got into the LVN-RN program. Wouldn’t she considered a readmittance too? I’m not sure if I should contact the dean and ask why was I denied readmittance but another student wasn’t. Please help?