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NurseKat has 9 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Case Management/Utilization Management.

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  1. NurseKat

    Health Assessment Form For Clinicals

    I am in California and they did not require us to have a doctor sign off on our health conditions. I don't have any chronic diseases or disabilities but in my nursing program, we did have diabetic students who needed more frequent breaks for snacks, ...
  2. NurseKat

    Patient Feeding

    Not in California.
  3. NurseKat

    Study plans?

    Spend at least a couple hours a day, no matter who you are. Do it while on campus if possible, to limit distractions. Definitely let your close friends and family know that the next couple of years, they can't take anything personal when you are not ...
  4. NurseKat

    What should I know before Nursing School?

    Let your friends and family know that you are going to have a rough couple of years, and you need their understanding and acceptance. You will not be able to attend every holiday, celebration, or get together. Only others who have been through nursin...
  5. NurseKat


    I am partial to my MacBook Air.. Bought it during nursing school and it was great. Super lightweight, battery lasts a long time, doesn't take long to charge, keyboard is quiet if you want to type notes during lecture.. I still use it now 8-9 years la...
  6. NurseKat

    How can I be a better nursing professor?

    Have a good sense of humor!
  7. NurseKat

    Covid student appeal

    Ugh, I am so sorry this happened to you. Does this mean you failed your Nursing IV class? I doubt you will be able to appeal the grade you already received, but perhaps you could appeal to be able to re-take one or more of the exams?
  8. NurseKat

    Is Hospital Experience a MUST as a New RN?!

    I think "have" to is not necessarily true. I started out in a SNF as a new grad, then an outpatient clinic for many years, and now a case manager for an insurance company, and I am doing great. So no, you don't "have" to do anything as a nurse, it is...
  9. NurseKat

    Help. My clinical group dislikes me.

    They probably have their own insecurities, which is usually why cliques and bullies act the way they do. You don't need them. If you need help during clinical, use your instructor and even the nurses on the floor as a resource!
  10. I work for a medical group (not a hospital) as the nurse supervisor, there are 6 nurses under me. I do everything from create the job requisition, to making calls and doing interviews, complete the hiring process, and even the training.
  11. NurseKat

    For those planning to get or have gotten an ASN..

    I waited about 6 months after finishing my ADN program and working a little while before I started my online BSN. I agree with the above comment that although it's not easy, it's much more chill than the actual nursing program. You won't regret takin...
  12. NurseKat

    RN to BSN--Grand Canyon University

    Hi Scott! I start at GCU Sept 30th as well! Professional Dynamics. WooHoo!