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Exodus09 has 27 years experience as a ASN, BSN, MSN, RN.

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  1. USI PMHNP 2019

  2. University of Southern Indiana (USI) PMHNP program

    Did you decide to apply to USI?
  3. Regis College Online PMHNP Spring 2020

    Congratulations NurseJamillah & Linnaete! I'm finishing up my application for Spring MSN to PMHNP DNP, the sample course schedule I have still looks like 9 semesters. I feel like it's getting close-How were you both notified of your acceptance?
  4. Regis College Online DNP

    Ok, it must be different. For me the semester 1 sample plan shows NU 740 Scholarly DNP Project I. If you have any questions/answers that were helpful to you to pass on, that would be great. I wondered about why the first year retention rate on U.S. ...
  5. Regis College Online DNP

    That is very helpful- I’m considering MSN to DNP PMHNP Spring 2020 but unsure how to begin to narrow scholarly project in first semester?
  6. Congratulations!! 

    Can you tell me more about why you chose Regis, I am considering there 3yr MSN to DNP PMHNP spring 2020 and need to begin application process quickly. 

    Any info would be helpful?

    1. JByrnexx



      If I’m being honest, I was originally drawn to Regis because it is a local school for me and I liked that I recognized the name and I knew that my preceptors would also recognize it as a legitimate program as well.  

      From the start though I feel like regis really took the time to answer ALL my questions, even ones I didn’t know I had.  They were so informative from the very beginning.  They also kept me 100% in the loop as far as the application process.

      i also like that they have lectures for the classes that you can listen to whenever is good for you.  Some other schools requires you to be in front of your computer at a specific time every week for class or didn’t have lectures at all and only went by textbooks.

      There are a few other reasons too, but I have a friend from undergrad that is currently in their online NP program and she really likes it.  Hope this helped!

    2. Kat Donovan

      Kat Donovan

      Hi there. I am interested to know how school is going for you as I start my online classes in a few weeks at Regis. Any information is greatly appreciated especially information on obtaining clinical placement in the evenings as I work days. 

    3. JByrnexx


      Hi Kat,

      i don’t begin classes myself until Sept 3rd.  I’m not too familiar yet with the clinical placement process since I’m just starting myself.  I do know that the program is geared towards primary care so I would assume that most NPs work daytime during the week.  That’s just what I’ve gathered but not from Regis.  Good luck!

  7. USI PMHNP 2019

    Congratulations! I have MSN-Ed and in the process of applying for post master’s certificate PMHNP for 2020. So if the sample plan is true for us, then we may just come together next fall!? I’m already trying to study for N617 (patho). I’m also int...