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I like to watch movies and read. I like comics and manga. I'm passionate about health and currently a nursing student at a university. Going for BSN.

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  1. How much does it cost to stay in the CCU per day?

    Hi, I'm trying to gather information for a heart study. What is the cost of one hospitalization day at the cardiology ward in the U.S. (heart failure specific hospitalization costs)? cardiology ward / cardiac care unit / coronary care unit ...
  2. Failed nursing class need help

    Hi Mecha-sorah, sorry my answer is a little late, 2 years too late, but here it goes. What ended up happening was that I became a TA for a nursing instructor and graduated in 2016 with my BSN. I hope that you also graduated around that time and if n...
  3. Failed nursing class need help

    Hi Mecha Sora, it's pretty much the same deal at this school. I failed a class so I get one more try and they don't count last year's medical leave. I also plan on getting a CNA job and some therapy of course because gosh, I never planed to be in the...
  4. Failed nursing class need help

    Sure, that's fine. I go to UCI. I hope you don't mind me asking, but how are you dealing with it? I'm trying to deal too, but need some ideas... :-( (Sorry if it's a too personal question, maybe we can take this to fb or gmail? thanks)
  5. Failed nursing class need help

    Hi, it's nice to meet you mecha sora, I went to UC (check your inbox)
  6. Is 71% in Chemistry enough?

    If those are their standards then you're going to be fine!
  7. Failed nursing class need help

    Hi Mecha-Sorah, would you by any chance be in a UC? I had a similar problem, got sick in the fall of 2013, then came back to study during fall of 2014, then failed a clinical during this winter quarter. Small world... . I also hope to get a job rela...
  8. Bayfront Health punta gorda

    It has to be said: Bayfront health is in Punta Gorda? Fat Point? LOL!!!
  9. Is 71% in Chemistry enough?

    Usually every class has to be a C or better to get into a program, not a C average on all of the pre-reqs combined. If it becomes an issue for admission then just retake it, I'm sure you'll do better next time. Best of luck.
  10. I totally understand, after a certain point students need permission from a director, counselor, etc. to withdraw. You just have to see her in person and explain the situation, get a doctors or a therapists note that you need to withdraw if the clas...
  11. Passed at 75 on second attempt!

  12. Being an individual

    If you work in a children's hospital, you can pick out your own scrubs.
  13. Nursing School Blues - I feel trapped!

    Maybe switch to another unit? OB is a very happy place to be in. Or maybe become an NP and specialize in one specific area. Take care :)
  14. I am NOT a Nurse...

    I'm in nursing school and have a CNA license, but I don't consider myself a nurse yet. lol, your patients are very cute. If it really bothers you then gently let the patient know that you're an aid.
  15. You Might Not Want to Read This

    Wow, your friends are so stupid. Ditch them. You should be proud that you graduated AND have a nursing job. I'm still in nursing school and everything is so impacted in California that most new grads would be lucky to get a job anywhere, including SN...