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  1. ashley785

    New Nurse Mistakes

    Yes, I have questions that could be researched easily but I can't access everything on this site until I've started a certain number of conversations. I do respect that you experienced responders are being such good gatekeepers. I didn't know it would ruffle so many feathers, guess I should have done my research on that one too.
  2. ashley785

    New Nurse Mistakes

    What is your most regrettable mistake that you have made as a new nurse? What would you go back and do?
  3. ashley785

    My Tips On Nclex Examination: Just Passed Mine

    thank you, I'm going to follow your method :)
  4. ashley785

    what am I qualified for?

    Hi, I completed my ADN but I didn't pass NCLEX the first time. I really need a job. I worry about getting a job as a tech or something in the hospital knowing that I might pass Nclex in a couple of months and quit so I can be an RN... or is that a good idea? As a tech, would a hospital appreciate my experience and be glad that I am going to move onward and upward with them? I don't think I qualify for a temporary permit because I failed on the first attempt. I know I can pass though I am in limbo, not a student and not a nurse. Please help, I really need work now. I have a 5 month old that's counting on me. Any suggestions? I love nursing and I just want to keep moving forward.
  5. ashley785

    Pharmacology Exam

    I'm not sure either, but I am in the same situation. I went to an ADN program with pharmacology incorporated. I am now looking for a pharmacology course online that it as cheap as possible. Most colleges won't let you take pharmacology unless you area in there program. Another issue I've had is that colleges do not have 3 credit courses but they have just 2 and sometimes 1. I have found a couple of schools but it will be almost $1500 for just one course because of out of state tuition. This is very frustrating. I wanted to be able to apply for this Spring but it doesn't look like its going to happen just because of this. I do not want to take the pharm test because this isn't a good time in my life to do crash-cram studying before Sept. 1. I am thinking to call the Registrar to ask for some sort of exception... though I know I won't be successful unless there are many others having the same trouble. Do you know of any others with this problem?
  6. ashley785

    How can I help my MICU preceptor?

    I am a student nurse about to start preceptorship in MICU. I would like to leave a memorable impression of myself. Is there something I can do to help start our days out? What have you seen by new nurses or precepting students that made a good impression on you?
  7. Hi, I am about to finish nursing school and take the NCLEX around December. I would like to get to work ASAP, although my husband and I are moving to Birmingham, AL in March and I'm pregnant with a due date of April 5. I have heard that the unspoken rule in nursing is to keep your first job for at least 18 months so that all the money spent on training doesn't go to waste. Should job hunt in January and February or just wait until it gets closer to March or until 2 months after the baby comes? We won't be moving any earlier than March. What am I supposed to do just not work until 6-7 months after I pass the boards!!!!