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  1. buknit

    Nursing progress notes cheat sheet

    I am a bit curious. What type of system are you using in your facility for documentation etc?
  2. I have work in acute rehab for about 7 months now. I am foreign educated RN and works full time on nights on a 13 bed capacity acute rehab. I love my unit. It's a slow pace unit for me actually. At the start of the shift I get to review all my patient charts, then prepare meds and do head to toe physical assessment. Midnight would be purely charting like bradens, FIMS, updating plan of cares, progress notes, passing PRN pain meds etc. I would also help my CNA answering call lights if I'm not busy. So far I love what I am doing except if we are low in census and we get to float to other units which makes me real anxious lol. As of now I am preparing to take the CRRN later this year.
  3. buknit

    Nursing Immigration within the US

    Our hospital here in Missouri are still hiring Nurses with NCLEX.
  4. buknit

    Filipino Nurses, how are you?

    BSN Graduate batch 2007 2017: RN in Ireland 2018 onwards: US RN
  5. buknit

    EB3 PHILIPPINES 2016 discussions

    EB3 applicant here from Philippines. PD January 2017. Just got my immigrant visa last month August. :-)
  6. Hi guys. I'd like to ask some few insights from nurses currently working in the US. I am soon to be deployed next month and will be assign in an acute inpatient rehab unit of the hospital. I just wanted to know the difference between ACU and TCU when it comes to workload, patient cases etc. How does it differ from SNF, LTAC and other facilities? I am a foreign RN and I have at least 3 yrs of MedSurg experience but that was long time ago like 6 yrs ago. My current experience is in a Nursing Home. Would it be very difficult for me to transition from a being a Nursing Home Nurse to Acute Inpatient Rehab Nurse? Thanks!
  7. buknit

    NMBI Application Pack

    Hi hows everyone here hehehe
  8. Hi ohnodimple, thank you for your response. I did not undergo any course in Ireland. I just took the OSCE and after passing OSCE I got my Irish PIN. I was quite hesitant for the APHRA application. I have a valid academic IELTS which will expire on June 2018. Can I still make it if ever Im planning to apply by January next year? I am really hoping they could waive the bridging requirement.
  9. Hello, I iust want to confirm. Is it true that if you are a practicing Nurse from UK/Ireland/USA you dont have to undergo bridging program? Thanks!
  10. Hi everyone! Any filipino RNs from Ireland applying for APHRA?
  11. buknit

    NMBI Application Pack

    Hi vera! are you from the philippines! i am also under nurseireland agency thru serviecon their counterpart agency here in the philippines...
  12. buknit

    NMBI Application Pack

    pm sent guys!!!
  13. buknit

    NMBI Application Pack

    hi den_csa! check your inbox.
  14. buknit

    NMBI Application Pack

    Hi guys. We have a viber group chat with kelubi. If you would like to join just pm kelubi or me. :-)
  15. buknit

    NMBI Application Pack

    jernieann, i would suggest to register and make an account online with FedEx. They have a promo of 30% discount for international shipping when you open an account with them. All you need to have is either debit or credit card. Coz sending documents to Ireland is very expensive and youll gonna be sending around 2-3 documents that is if you opt to send the documents such as prc, employers reference on your own plus the application packet section 1. í ½í¸Š