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  1. Tomrn2128

    Im over nursing.

    I have been an RN on a stepdown unit for 2 years and im over the hospitals overworking us and adding more and more to do every month when we have too much to do as it is. I run my tail off all day and stay late to chart and then the manager complains about 4-5 RN's that have to stay late to chart. The manager added more things for us to do today and said I hope we all can start getting out earlier. Every nurse on my unit is miserable because the hospital just pushes us to the max. I am looking for a profession that would benefit from my RN experience but I want totally out of nursing. I was thinking maybe programming the charting side of nursing?
  2. Tomrn2128

    Anyone work for Seminole county jail/prison in Sanford, FL?

    Any idea what the hourly pay is for something like this in that location?
  3. Best type of psych experience before becoming PMHNP? and maybe some book recommendations?
  4. Tomrn2128

    BSN to PMHNP Program

    I have noticed that many of these BSN to PMHNP Program do not give the NP diagnostic skills for other disease processes. Do you think you will be just as good of a PMHNP provider without going the full NP route and then getting the PMHNP certification. Is it necessary to get your NP and then get the PMHNP certification? What did you do?
  5. Tomrn2128

    What is your work routine?

    Wow, thanks for all the replies everyone. I really appreciate it. I have been trying to figure out what to look up as far as history, clinical notes,consults, dr's notes that the off going nurse most likely wont tell me.... If anyone else would like to tell me what they gather in the morning as far as information have at it :)
  6. Tomrn2128

    What is your work routine?

    I am just starting after being out of school for 3 months looking for a job. I noticed in school that it's tough or impossible to know too much about your patients history before you start your shift. Most of my preceptor ship involved me only knowing one sentence as to why they're here and the shift begins!!!!!!! I mean sure I would know their bp, meds, last bowel movement, achs, lines, rr, labs etc, but do most nurses start off the shift the same? I find that I go through most of my shift only knowing that the patient had a heart attack and you do your assessment from there. How far into the doctor notes do you really have time to read into to know your patient if you have 5-6 patients? lol?
  7. Tomrn2128

    Accept a job or wait?

    I am a new graduate by the way.
  8. Tomrn2128

    ER or ICU

    Thank you for everyones replies. I appreciate the time you took to reply :)
  9. Tomrn2128

    Accept a job or wait?

    Lets say that a certain hospital offered me a job and is a 3/5 overall work satisfaction & pay is around that same. I am curious if I should wait it out for up to 2-3 months to work for a hospital that is 4/5 & I did my clinicals at. I dont even have a job offer at this hospital, but overall I hear its a better work environment. I am scared because what if I wait and they dont hire me. I already have a sure thing at another hospital, but I would be tied to a 2 year contract. Please advise me
  10. Tomrn2128

    ER or ICU

    For travel nursing which do you think is more in need?
  11. Tomrn2128

    SPC Fall 2014 Nursing Applicants

    I don't think we did the critical thinking part. It is something we do on the first week of class. We did Teas, self-assessment at home, I don't think we did critical thinking yet.
  12. Tomrn2128

    SPC Fall 2014 Nursing Applicants

    I didnt get in as an alternate but I did hear today that alot of alternates were getting in.
  13. Tomrn2128

    SPC Fall 2014 Nursing Applicants

    ohh ok
  14. Tomrn2128

    "15 page hilarious study guide "..

    The link doesn't work anymore
  15. Tomrn2128

    SPC Fall 2014 Nursing Applicants

    Thanks for the informative information :) Yes shadow, I am excited to start on the 18th!
  16. Tomrn2128

    SPC nursing 2015

    Yes 3.5 is cutting it close but you will probably make it since this semester people with 3.6 gpa's got in. I heard spring is easier to get into.