Im over nursing.


I have been an RN on a stepdown unit for 2 years and im over the hospitals overworking us and adding more and more to do every month when we have too much to do as it is. I run my tail off all day and stay late to chart and then the manager complains about 4-5 RN's that have to stay late to chart. The manager added more things for us to do today and said I hope we all can start getting out earlier. Every nurse on my unit is miserable because the hospital just pushes us to the max.

I am looking for a profession that would benefit from my RN experience but I want totally out of nursing. I was thinking maybe programming the charting side of nursing?

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Just find a new nursing job. My first was hell, my second was chaotic and my third is actually easy ...all med surg, too.


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Transfer to a different unit before you decide giving up on being a bedside RN.


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I hear your thoughts. But 2 years isn't good enough.

I "personally" think 5 years of hardship, dedication and accompanied by good and strong work ethics will take you to places and they are as follows:

Case management, power user/IT, UR, GI, IR, Cath lab, school nursing, education (clinical instructor/teaching/ACLS/BLS/PALS), home health/hospice, public health, psychiatric nursing, ER, JCAHO, research, telephone nurse, flight nurse, private nursing, traveling nurse, business/entrepreneur (assisted living facility/group home/day care) and clinics just to name a few.

There are not so many degrees or professions that can offer these endless possibilities!

Floor Nursing may not be for everyone but the beauty of "nursing" - you have those options. It'll just take a whole lot of patience, guts, and glory!

Be strong and be thankful that we are making a difference whether our patients like it or not. At the end of the day, it is only a job. You can do much better! :up:

Good Luck!!!


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I miss sorry for your rough go. Maybe try moving to another state that values nurses by placing them with appropriate patient/nurse ratios? Hang in there!