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  1. JulianaRose

    Fox Valley Tech

    It is a great school. Many of the instructors are somewhat flexible about class attendance, most of them still work as nurses in the big hospital system up here, and they actually schedule exams so *MOST* do not fall on the same days so the workload is spread out. Clinical placement is luck of the draw... some get better experiences than others, but 'there are only so many sites available'. I think 45 minutes is about the longest drive (of course for the 5:30 clinical 1st semester!). They also do scheduling changes with very little notice and just expect you to be able to accommodate.
  2. JulianaRose

    getting a job with an ASN and a BA?

    Our hospital requires 80% of nurses to be BSN due to their Magnet status. The reasoning is due to some evidence-based studies saying BSN trained grads have fewer errors. I personally will not be looking for continued employment with them due to their BSN requirement as I am an ADN student and do not wish to wait 5 years before being able to work in a RN role.
  3. JulianaRose

    In LPN Program - Denied Acceptance into ADN Program

    I agree that they probably won't make the exception for you, and it might be a better use of your time studying for LPN finals exams, or the NCLEX-PN. However, the only thing that fighting it should cost you is your time, so it probably wouldn't hurt to ask either.
  4. JulianaRose

    ATI Fundamentals Final

    If you received a good score on your ATI final for Fundamentals, what did you find to be a good study technique?
  5. I got a 100% on my first Fundamentals exam and am soo stoked! I did a ton of practice problems, and I feel that made the difference. I even heard from people in my school that the first exam in Fundies is the hardest, so try not to let other people get you down. You're going to have to study, but so far at least, nursing school is *NOT* impossible. Also I work 24 hours a week and have 5 kids at home all the time, ages 5 months, 20 months, 5, 9, and 10. You can do it!
  6. JulianaRose

    Nursing School Newbie HELP!!

    There is nothing quick about a nursing degree. Both 2-year programs and 4-year programs typically take 4-5 years. My advice for you would be to look for a community college that accepts based on your application date and does not consider high school gpa. This was the route I took. I am in my last semester of pre-reqs and should start core classes in August (I am taking a semester off to have a baby this May).
  7. JulianaRose

    I regret forever not going to medical school

    If it is taking you 10 years to go through nursing school, what makes you think you would have made it through medical school back then anyways? Things are always harder when you have a family to worry about too, but not impossible. Good luck whatever route you choose.