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  1. rachfog

    Question about relevant experiences on resume

    Thank you!
  2. rachfog

    ADN Program Grads - What's your job situation?

    Well, I hope you get something soon. Good luck to ya. :)
  3. rachfog

    ADN Program Grads - What's your job situation?

    Thank you for the reply! Were you volunteering or anything during your program?
  4. First off, I am just starting nursing school, but will be certified as a CNA by the end of next semester, so I wanted to get a huge jump-start on this. So, I have a few questions: 1) I have a previous B.S. in communications and international relations. Should I list this on my resume? 2) At the moment, I haven't no relevant work experiences for applying for any CNA/RN job, but I have worked on and off for quite a few years (unless you count the year I worked as a veterinary assistant, haha) . I've got relevant volunteer experience, however....past experience as a volunteer EMT-B/firefighter, and current volunteer experience at a hospital, and volunteer at a local government office dealing with Medicare (don't know if it counts). Hell, there's even a while where I volunteered for a health-related non-profit. How do I go about highlighting these? 3) Lastly, I have had to move A LOT in the past few years...like 6 times in 4 years. Yikes. It's been rough for me to find any job, due to what seems like job-hopping. I have had a few, but they all lasted about 9-12 months. I didn't intend for it to be that way, but I had other extenuating circumstances. Do I really need to put these on my resume? I mean, they weren't remotely medically-related (again, unless you count the work as a veterinary assistant). I don't know how to deal with this issue... I'm at a loss. Any help would be VERY appreciated. Thanks!
  5. How long did it take you to find a job? What kind of employment? Where at? Etc.
  6. rachfog

    Carroll Community College Spring 2015

    I'll be there.
  7. Has anyone applied to Carroll Community College's ADN program for Spring 2015
  8. rachfog

    Anyone else waiting for Spring 2015 acceptance?

    I have to wait until next month.
  9. Did anyone apply to Carroll County Community College for Spring '15? What are your stats?
  10. rachfog

    Kennesaw Spring 2013 applicants

    I know, I was trying to avoid going over 40 pages. Congrats to you!!! Thanks! :)
  11. rachfog

    Kennesaw Spring 2013 applicants

    Wow! That's what I am worried about for the time when it comes for me to apply (for Spring 2014). My overall GPA from my previous was less than stellar (around yours). But my math/science and top 7 gpas are awesome. Thank you for sharing!
  12. rachfog

    Kennesaw Spring 2013 applicants

    wow! you give me a bit of hope! anyone else?
  13. rachfog

    Kennesaw Spring 2013 applicants

    long time lurker here. just out of curiosity, what are the stats of everyone who did and did not get in?