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stephadler82 BSN

operating room, surgical services
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stephadler82 has 6 years experience as a BSN and specializes in operating room, surgical services.

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  1. stephadler82

    PMHNP Walden

    The PMHNP post masters certificate might be 12 months but not the MSN PMHNP.
  2. stephadler82

    PMHNP Walden

    Which online schools have a good reputation for PMHNP?
  3. stephadler82

    FNP program in United States University

    Hello, Can I email you about the program?
  4. stephadler82

    United States university FNP

    Hi! Can you email me too please stephadler82@gmail.com
  5. stephadler82

    FNP vs PMHNP

    Hello, I live in Southern California and am wondering how have the clinical sites been with Covid19? Is it easier to secure FNP or PMHNP clinical sites right now? I'm nervous to do either path because I hear that sites are really hard to come by.
  6. stephadler82

    Frontier University

    Hello, Anyone have experience with Frontier University for their MSN/FNP or MSN/PMHNP? Did they help with clinical site placements?
  7. stephadler82

    APU MSN-FNP Spring 2021

    Did you try to login to your application?
  8. stephadler82

    APU MSN-FNP Spring 2021

    I just checked again and I was denied too.
  9. stephadler82

    APU MSN-FNP Spring 2021

    I am so sorry to hear that. =(
  10. stephadler82

    APU MSN-FNP Spring 2021

    Oh no! I am sorry to hear this. Where did it say it on your application? I just logged in and it still just says "100% complete"
  11. stephadler82

    APU MSN-FNP Spring 2021

    Congrats! 😄Did you have an interview?
  12. stephadler82

    APU MSN-FNP Spring 2021

    Anyone else heard anything? Interviews? I haven't heard anything so now I am beginning to get concerned that I didn't get in.
  13. stephadler82

    Online Critical Care Course- California

    Hello, I am an RN with 6 year experience outside the ICU (Telemetry, Pre-Op/PACU, OR) and am applying for ICU positions. I think that completing a Critical Care Course would help on my resume. Can you please recommend a local or online course in Los Angeles/Inland Empire? I found one in North Hollywood, which is a bit far for me to commute to (an hour away). Thank you!
  14. stephadler82

    APU MSN-FNP Spring 2021

    Congrats! =) Haven't heard anything yet.
  15. stephadler82

    APU MSN-FNP Spring 2021

    I am sure you did great! 😃 Who is your rep? I have been in contact with ------------. I hope they do make decisions sooner than later. 😃
  16. stephadler82

    APU MSN-FNP Spring 2021

    I haven't heard anything regarding an interview.