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stephadler82 has 8 years experience as a BSN and specializes in operating room, surgical services.

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  1. New to Correctional Nursing

    I am thinking of applying to CDCR. I am looking at going into psych and was wondering if you have found the job to be dealing with diagnosed psych patients. How do you like working there?
  2. Charles Drew University Reviews

    Hello, I would like to know which program were you enrolled in and how you like it?
  3. Charles R Drew MSN/PMHNP

    Is anyone attending Charles R Drew MSN/PMHNP program? I would love some information.
  4. Charles R. Drew University MSN-FNP Spring 2021

  5. United States university FNP

    Maybe it depends on where you live? Living in Southern California employers/preceptors are more concerned which school you attend. They prefer brick and mortar over online. However, I have been told that there reputation here for USU is better than o...
  6. Have you been accepted to the Spring 2021 cohort?
  7. General Surgery Nurse Practitioner?

    I am an operating room RN. I work with a couple of FNPs who see the surgeons' patients in clinic or inpatient and also assist the surgeon in surgery. In order to assist the surgeon in the operating room, they had to get extra certification in Registe...
  8. Herzing PMHNP

    Thank you all for sharing this. BTW, since I spoke to the rep the other the price for me is $38,610, not $30k so I guess price has increased?
  9. Herzing PMHNP

    Okay, thanks everyone. Got more clarification. Not sure what the difference is between the other mental health clinical hours and the immersion. Tried to get clarification and all I got was something about helping me in the real world work setting. I...
  10. CBU Cal Baptist University FNP

    Anyone want to share their experience? Supposed to start school in January 2021.
  11. Herzing PMHNP

    Sorry 180 hours. The rep said "on site" immersion so I was confused by that and thought maybe it meant on campus. What does the immersion experience mean then?
  12. Herzing PMHNP

    Thank you. Also, does anyone know how the 130 hour on site immersion is done? I live in CALIFORNIA so I am curious how long I would have to travel to Herzing. ?
  13. Herzing PMHNP

    Hello, So for the health assessment class, you have to find a preceptor in a primary care or urgent care setting, not mental health? If so, how did you guys secure a placement so quick since they start usually on the 2nd semester, esp with Covid...
  14. Herzing PMHNP

    Hello, Would love to hear how people are securing preceptors when you start clinicals early in the program compare to other programs where you don't start until the second year?
  15. Hello, I originally applied for Fall 2020 and was accepted but postponed my start date to Spring 2021 due to Covid-19.