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Interventional Radiology Nurse
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tonex21 has 4 years experience and specializes in Interventional Radiology Nurse.

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  1. Hello. I am a licensed nurse in the state of texas since 2011 and currently working in Doha Qatar as an Interventional radiology nurse. Last 2019 my license got expired and I did not renew, now I’m trying to renew my license in Texas BON Nurses Port...
  2. tonex21

    Certified Radiology Nurse

    Hello! I'm a nurse working for almost 4 years now and I want to pursue my career in clinical imaging as a certified radiology nurse. I am a registered nurse in the Philippines and also in Texas US. I'm currently working now here in middle east. Can s...
  3. tonex21

    visascreen application

    Thanks.. I will keep that in mind and I'll be reading more all about it.. Godbless.
  4. tonex21

    visascreen application

    hi! silverdragon tnx for the reply. Can you please elaborate more about the ''Priority Date'' cause I have no idea about it honestly. Thanks.
  5. tonex21

    visascreen application

    Hi! greetings!!! I'm new here in this site,I'm a Filipino citizen and I'm a registered nurse in the Philippines and currently residing here in this country.I took the nclex-rn and passed last october 4, 2011.I am planning to apply for a visascreen ce...