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  1. winkies

    HELP! Fingerprint/Morphotrust - NCLEX TX

    Hi! I'm from Philippines. I am very well confuse with the identogo process. Where will be the blank fingerprint card be coming from? Can I get it locally or I need to request it directly from BON. thank you so much!
  2. winkies

    Fingerprinting FAST PASS

    Hi! where did you get the FAST pass form and blank fingerprint card? I thought I needed to apply online first in order to get those. How cn I request for it. Thank you so much!
  3. winkies

    How long does it take to receive ATT for NCLEX-RN

    Hi! I'm planning to take NCLEX-Texas. I'm really confused. Do I need to apply online or submit a paper application directly at BON? If online, there's a need for a SSN and I don't have that. Thanks in advance.
  4. winkies

    The Medical City 2013

    For those people who had their training already, what's your status now? Did you get hired right after the training?
  5. winkies

    Makati medical center- cetn 2012

    I took the exam at makati med earlier this week. any update when will their training start? :)
  6. winkies

    Makati medical center- cetn 2012

    I passed my resume twice already - last oct and this february. Have they seen/evaluate all the resumes fairly? ( I believe that I'm competent for the training. Do I need to pass again?
  7. winkies

    St. Luke's Global City Training 2012.

    did they start interviewing applicants for SLMC GC PGNT batch 7? I hope that I can still make it through before it ends.
  8. winkies

    Makati medical center- cetn 2012

    do you think they prefer applicants with hospital training? I have none. I already passed my resume twice - last november and this feb.
  9. winkies


    what are the requirements did you pass? I already submitted twice but no feedback from them. I have an average board rating and grades. I'm thinking that I passed incomplete rqmts. :|
  10. winkies

    USTH training experience

    I plan to have training in usth though I'm not thomasian. For those who had their training already and/or hired in usth, kindly share your experience (good or bad). Your responses will be highly appreciated. After the training, how long is the waiting time to be hired?
  11. winkies

    St. Luke's Global City Training 2012.

    Do the HR prioritize 2011 graduates? I'm a new board passer. I passed my requirements first week of oct, no feedback then. T_T
  12. winkies

    St. Luke's Global City Training 2012.

    Is he a 2012 graduate? Did he pass his resume directly to the HR? I just logged in to their log book. No feedback, though.
  13. winkies

    Manila Doctors Hospital

    hi. how to go to HR padilla at Kalaw? is that a walking distance from the madocs hospital?
  14. winkies

    AFP medical center RN residency

    hi! how can I go to afp medical center? thanks.
  15. winkies

    Makati Medical Center

    OIC! thanks for the info.
  16. winkies

    Makati Medical Center

    just want to ask if the HR called, will their number appear or it will be unknown? Someone called me just a while ago and I didnt answer it. (?.?)