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  1. Day One and already dealing with...

    FOR SHAME. You keep them in a Petrie dish as your "emotional support animals"!!!
  2. ROLL CALL!!! School Nurses 2017/2018

    I'm here! This is my 3rd year as a school nurse, 20th year of being an RN. Time flies. So, I started back August 14th. I work for a county office of education, so we have medically fragile kids, ED kids, alternative HS kids. We have pervasive staffi...
  3. New School Nurse Diastat Training and so much more

    Agreed! With Diastat you must assess, and a healthcare assessment is a NURSING function. Where I work, only the nurse administers Diastat.
  4. No Respect

    I am kind of snarky, but when the teachers try to tell me how to do my job, my rebuttal is that they can do MY job and I can go teach their class common core, as I have an app for that and it can't really be all that hard.
  5. Poll: What age group?

    Medically fragile ages 3-22, also community/alt ed school kids, kids in juvenile detention, Emotionally disturbed kiddos, DHOH. A variety of ages.
  6. Anyone successful in changing from PHN to other specialty?

    I went from Public Health to School Nursing. Nurses can always reinvent themselves. Always.
  7. Nurse Family Partnership Home visitor RN

    I worked for the Nurse Family Partnership program for 14 years. I helped introduce the program to our County, and it was "my baby". I liked the client centered "heart's desire" approach to Public Health, I loved that they had a curriculum and lots o...
  8. Hand Sanitizer is a pesticide?

    I got an e mail after attending the CSNO conference about Pesticides. I just started school nursing in October. In July of this year, the State of CA is doing a bunch of shenanigans because they think lots of rules are awesome. Hand sanitizer, saniti...
  9. Hand Sanitizer is a pesticide?

    I Had to watch the WHOLE video and read ALLLL the ed code to realize that hand sanitizer and all my wonderful germy wipes are governed by some other governmental agency. Yay! lol.... I spent 2 hours getting my mandatory certificate in learning to cle...
  10. Hand Sanitizer is a pesticide?

    Required Training I so wish I was making this up. Honestly. Thankfully I have my emotional support Louse at my desk to comfort me.
  11. My Burnout Story

    Been there. I feel for you. I think we are nurses are so traumatized we are now numb. I am in my 3rd nursing career change. I did 4 years in CV/Tele/Stepdown. Saw it all. I saw a lady's butt had grown in to her rocker chair from neglect, watched the...
  12. New to school nursing

    Just wanted to introduce myself. I have been a nurse for 18 years. I have worked hospital nursing for 4 years, then public health for 14 years before deciding to take a job for my county office of education as one of their 3 school nurses. We have se...
  13. New to school nursing

    Wow an Epistick. LOL. Oh, I love the keepsake picture. I took some too. LOLOL. Sorry it is huge.
  14. Head Injury

    Our policy is that any head injury that you would call home or send a note, etc would have an incident report filled out. Ours is called Confidental School something-or-other report. We inform our administrator, fill out the form, then notify parent ...
  15. New to school nursing

    Thank you for the warm welcome. I am happy to see such an active group. I must say, there are some days I think I have finally found what I have wanted to do. Then there are other days when I feel like I'm not sure I can juggle it all. There is a l...
  16. Health department mass exodus- am I being paranoid?

    I just left Public Health after 14 years. I was tired of 8 years of no raises, administration thinking law enforcement, who goes to the SAME homes, thinking safety was an issue for THEM but not us, and not feeling valued. We were told if we didn't li...
  17. You Might Not Want to Read This

    I have been a nurse since 1997. The new grad in the hospital is no more "special" to me than the new grad in the LTC or in any other setting. New grads are little baby birds who don't know what they don't know. They need observation and assistance, a...
  18. I am a San Luis Obispo County Public Health Nurse. We are in a similar situation, but we are in a bargaining unit with other people besides nurses..... It costs soooo much $$ to live here. We are a vacation destination, much like people go to lake Ar...
  19. tattoos and nursing, yay or nay

    My husband is an Iraq War Veteran who has proudly served his Country. He is a wonderful human being. (Ok, I am biased, but I am not the only one who thinks this LOL). That said, his tattoos, which did not preclude him from enlisting in the US militar...
  20. I have worked for NFP for over 10 years. I love it. I love helping young mothers set goals and have success. I love prevention and health promotion.