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  1. So I'm currently on a summer break and I wanted to touch up on the common drugs I should know for nclex. I just took pharmacology 2 semesters ago so I quite don't remember a lot of them. What are some of the drugs I should touch up on? Thanks in advance!
  2. Yes you can but it also depends on the applicant pool. I got in with a C in micro and As and Bs in everything else. So just make sure your other grades can balance that out along with a good hesi score :)
  3. eyvis91

    tidewater community college

    Just apply with your guts! Don't worry about what's being done, have confidence in yourself and in your grades!
  4. eyvis91

    Monday is my first day of nursing school!!!!!

    I was actually an alternate until I got called on the 1st for an open spot that starts on the 12th!! It took me the 3 years to get to this point. I'm excited and a bit nervous all at once, but I didn't come this far for no reason! :)
  5. Thank you & Yes I am! We should all meet up somewhere!
  6. Thank you so much and you as well!! :)
  7. Ladies, I just got the call that I am OFFICIALLY in for cohort 3!!! Thank God!! Can't wait to meet all of you!!!
  8. Well, I called Tuesday and asked if there were any seats open for the alternates and Ms. Wilson said that the nursing Boards were going to meet (which they met yesterday) to talk about the alternates. She said they will be calling by the end of this week, if not, after the break before semester starts. I even called again today to see if I should purchase books now in case since I'm using financial aid but no one picks up. I even went up there yesterday to ask that question but the door was locked since the boards were in there.
  9. Don't feel bad at all. Your grade is a lot better than mine when I first took it; in fact it took me 3 times!! My first time was an F. I was a fresh 18 yr old college student and not quite focused. I also wasn't utilizing my classmates for group studying and I HARDLY studied. My second time was a D. I had a study group that was good for the lab but not for lecture. Then finally after seeking permission to retake the class for the THIRD time, the advisor told me I had to pass this class otherwise my financial aid wouldn't cover for it anymore. So I had me a great study group for both lab and lecture and I also studied my butt off and pulled out with a B and I was 4 points from an A. Honestly, I think it's about taking full responsibilities about your studies. You can't leave it up to someone else to study for you. All though I lucked up with an awesome study group, I knew I had to be the one to put forth the effort to get the grade I wanted. Now, I'm 23 and I was chosen as an alternate for a local RN nursing program that I'm praying to get into. So don't feel bad; You get what you put in! Good luck! :)
  10. Oh ok, but Yea I know there's 2 others that are testing that sat in front of me during orientation too.
  11. Was there a final date to take the test to test out?
  12. Ohh ok gotcha! I know there were several other Lpn's that were going to test out. Hopefully they passed too! :)
  13. Congrats!!! What cohort were u in?
  14. I thought that same too if I were to get in. I want all my books for the long run.
  15. Yes I received that email thank you!
  16. I didn't get that email, can you forward it to me please and the other one whenever you get a chance please.