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  1. RNSAC

    2018 Nurse Corps Loan Repayment Program

    Has anyone received their first payment?
  2. RNSAC

    2018 Nurse Corps Loan Repayment Program

    Graduate Level Nursing loans are considered for NCLRP. Just got my contract countersigned couple days ago and I was in an entry level MSN program. All of my loans were graduate loans
  3. RNSAC

    2017 Nurse Corps Loan Repayment Program

    how do you know which tier you're in and what score you are?
  4. RNSAC

    Precedex vs. fentanyl/versed vs. propofol

    very detailed. thank you so much
  5. I recently transferred to ICU and in training right now. I just had a quick question about sedative medications. Why would doctors use some sedative medications over others. for example, Precedex vs. fentanyl/versed vs. propofol. I understand precedex is used mostly for patients who are about to get extubated. But my patient who was on this medication wasn't even close to getting extubated. Im thinking its because he was on propofol for a while and they wanted to switch to precedex to switch it up???? thanks!
  6. RNSAC

    UC Davis Medical Center RN Residency Summer 2013

    congrats, farghost!
  7. RNSAC

    UC Davis Medical Center RN Residency Summer 2013

    farghost, how was your interview? can I ask which unit you were interviewed for?
  8. RNSAC

    UC Davis Medical Center RN Residency Summer 2013

    has anyone scheduled an interview with any ICU?
  9. has anyone gotten phone calls yet? or know when they're starting to call?
  10. RNSAC

    UC Davis Residency March 2013

    are they hiring in MICU?
  11. New grads who have graduated from an entry level master's program specializing in Nurse Case Management can also go straight into a Nurse case management (Patient care coordinator) position without having any RN experience. Although experience is recommended, it is not a must for a master's prepared professional. i havent graduated yet, but from the last cohort who graduated all found jobs as a nurse case manager within the first 3 months. Hopefully I get as lucky as them
  12. RNSAC

    Any cons toward accepting a UR position and leaving bedside?

    I have a semester left of school and will be looking for jobs shortly. I just wanted to know if there are people who work as a case manager and as a bedside nurse. I initially wanted to be a bedside nurse but i ended up specializing in case management so now i want to do both. I understand that if i choose to go into case management, it'll be hard to find a job as a bedside nurse later down the road. So i'm hoping to find a job in both areas. From my understanding, it is easier to find a job as a case manager than a registered nurse, at least in northern california. I received a RN license earlier this year and after 3 months of looking for a job, i gave up. I believe being a full time student may have been a reason for the rejection letters but who knows. At this rate, i might just go straight into case management.
  13. Doctor's Medical Center in Modesto
  14. in the past, bedside nursing experience was a prereq for NP schools. But now, you dont need any experience as a RN to work as an NP. However, getting RN experience will make you a better NP so thats your choice.
  15. since you already have a BS, you should consider an accelerated BSN program. They are usually 1 to 1 and a half year long. There are also entry level masters of science in nursing (ELMSN) programs, which is typically 2 -3 years long. Good thing about ELMSN is that after a year, you can sit for the boards to get your RN license, and depending on the specialty you choose, you may take another year or two to finish the masters portion. So after 2-3 years of starting the program, you can get a RN license, MSN, and also a certificate for your specialty. 3 in 1!!! some ELMSN programs also give BSN after finishing the prelicensure portion of the program. so that makes it 4 in 1!!