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  1. Hi, everyone. I've been an RN since 2013 and I'm in the application process for the Air Force RN reserve program. I have yet to share this with my recruiter but I was first diagnosed with major depressive disorder in 2016 when my grandmother died. I didn't have to go on medication or start inpatient or outpatient treatment but I do have some small scars on one of my arm from some cutting I did. I've been fine but with the stress from working during covid, I did have to get some counseling for about six months. I wasn't intending to lie on my application but now I realize with having to turn in medical records, I am concerned that those two episodes might disqualify me from getting through. Do I still have a chance if I'm transparent about my history?
  2. joie.de.vivre

    RN-New Grad Versant Ukiah Valley Medical Center

    It would be discriminatory if they did not hire you because you aren't a seventh day adventist but I think they're just confirming if you're okay with the hospital being affiliated with a religion and that they may start meetings with a prayer or spiritual thoughts. If you're open to that, I think it'll be okay as long as they don't push it on you.
  3. Hello my name is natnatnaz and I'm an unemployed New Grad. License type: BSN Time out of school: 6 months # of positions applied to date: More than 50 easily, I lost count after that. Dream RN position: CVICU or some type of disaster management job like FEMA Hospital experience: 0 Where do you live: Orange County What are you doing now: Orienting for a caregiver position. Favorite color: Red How you cope with unemployment: Listen to music and watch MGM movie musicals. My thoughts are with you all and although we're competing for the same jobs, I wish you all the best and hope you (and I) get jobs soon!
  4. joie.de.vivre

    Can an RN work as a CNA?

    Hi there! I haven't personally applied for a CNA position based on what my classmates who've tried have said. They are having difficulty finding jobs and applied to CNA positions in hopes of advancing internally. However, they were rejected because they were overqualified. What I should have done was start as a CNA while in school because that would have given me a better chance of advancing but I focused on school instead and now, I'm still unemployed... Best of luck to you, though, I hope you have a better chance.
  5. I also had the same question as you when I graduated. I preferred public health and was not looking forward to working on the floor but was advised to start at a hospital. I'm not sure what you want to do with your career but in my situation, I needed at least a year of acute care experience to even be considered for jobs I wanted outside the hospital, which I believe is sound advice since it'll guarantee employers I actually learned the skills and can apply them out on the field. It might be difficult right now, but I think you should stick it out for a year and get your year experience. Plus, it doesn't look good to employers if you don't put in enough time, they'll think you'll quit on them too. In the meantime, think about what you want to do with your career. Look back at your clinicals and remember which rotations you've enjoyed or think about you are passionate about life. In my case, I love volunteering and working with the community and think public health is perfect for that.