Want to go back to school but for what?


Hi everyone. I graduated with my BSN and have been working at a SNF for exactly one year now. I enjoy it but I wish it was more challenging and I feel like there isn't much more I can learn at my facility. I would like to go back to school and obtain my masters but without acute care experience, I am not comfortable applying for an NP program. I have a PHN license and am interested in and ultimately want to end up in public health or disaster management or something community based, but obtaining a masters in either of those would be too much of a leadership and managerial position and I'd rather be out in the field dealing with the community first hand. I have enrolled in a Certified Emergency Response Team class for my local community and signed up for California disaster healthcare volunteers, which is a start but I would like formal education. I would also like to ultimately work in ICU but I'd rather not get a job at a hospital yet because I want to focus on furthering my education and it might get too overwhelming to enroll in a program before I have at least one year acute care experience. I'm conflicted and although I would rather go back to school while I have no other priorities, I'm wondering if I should apply for a hospital job before I gain too many years as an RN without acute experience.

Any advice on a course of education? Or should I get acute experience before getting a graduate degree?