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  1. Hello Fellow Nurses! Has anyone had any experiences with Mercy San Juan Hospital? Good? Not so good? Run away as fast as you can? I've got a few applications in for their Trauma Med/Surg and sitting on pins and needles waiting to hear back from them! I have 19 months Med/Surg experience in a small hospital near Fresno, CA. I just got married in April and relocated to the Woodland area. :) Anybody?
  2. LollyPopK

    What Works For You?? Subscriptions? Must Haves?

    Thank you so much! ^_^
  3. Hello everyone! I am a new nurse, just graduated May 2012, passed boards on first attempt (YAY!!), and became registered on July 4th! :-D I landed my first job in my dream hospital, dream unit (Med/Surg), on night shift. I haven't started yet, dealing with HR, job care and orientation starts next week. Being a newbie, I have tons of questions!!! I tried to look for organizations to join and was overwhelmed at the sheer amount of magazines, online services, specialty services, EBN journals, etc. that are available! What have you used that you found helpful? I live in California, if that makes a difference. What are the "must have" items that you needed or wished someone had told you when you first started out? Books? Tools? I am so excited to be a part of such an amazing profession! ^_^ Thanks in advance!
  4. LollyPopK

    Nclex 2nd time around Saturday! Nervous

    You guys are going to do great! Just relax! I took it in July and what helped me was when I felt overwhelmed with the question and couldn't concentrate (usually after an hour or so), I got up and took a 5 minute break. Get up, go to the restroom, stretch, take a drink and a deep breath and get back in there. :) Good luck to you both! ^_^
  5. LollyPopK

    COS Nursing school

    I'm not sure if College of the Sequoias has an LVN program anymore. I do know that they have an LVN to RN bridge program though.