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  1. darienblythe79

    Boards response time

    Cat, I wish you the best. Try not to sweat the wait too bad.
  2. darienblythe79

    Taking boards soon...

    Vinny, best of luck. All the well wishes in the world!
  3. darienblythe79

    What traits make for a good CRNA?

    This thread was quite sometime ago. Probably not the best population sample, but you might get something out of it.https://allnurses.com/forums/f227/myers-briggs-personality-type-crnas-52803.html?highlight=personality+test
  4. darienblythe79

    Why Am I Putting Myself Through This????

    Ok, I am feelin' the hurt. I have left my husband several miles away to so this, but he is being so great about this. I start on Monday, and I admit I am really excited to start this journey. I am sad to start it alone though. I know it will be worth it, but dang. I can't wait to meet my classmates and find others in similar sitations! Sit down, shut up, and HOLD ON!!!!!
  5. darienblythe79

    HR 5688 Act

    Ditto on that. It all comes down to a person's attitude:yeahthat: .
  6. darienblythe79

    health insurance question..

    I went with my school's insurance. It is actually better coverage for less than my husband's insurance.
  7. darienblythe79

    Sleep & CRNA school

    :yeahthat: :yeahthat: :yeahthat:
  8. darienblythe79

    last days of work

    Hey classmate! So sorry to hear your having a time of it:sniff: My experience has been the polar opposite. Everyone has been so good to me, parties even. I have only two shifts to go. Monday is my last night! So very excited. Can't wait to meet you at the dinner. See you in the very near future!!!!:smiley_aa :w00t:
  9. darienblythe79

    after the loan disbursement

    I'm doing a combination of he two. Most of the money is going to sit in CD's, and some will be in a money market.
  10. darienblythe79

    only 1 year of experience

    Could you just clarify for me, are you intending to apply to CRNA school when you have only been a nurse for three months?
  11. darienblythe79

    Starting School Monday

    Today's the day! Best of luck to you as you take on this new endeavor!
  12. darienblythe79

    Waive right to access letter of recommendation?

    I did give a very small token of appreciation after the letters were sent, so it wouldn't seem like a bribe. It was well received.
  13. darienblythe79

    On ethics and consideration

    I know what you mean. Someone I work with was accepted to more than one program and even though I know she chose a different program her name is still showing up in our email list. How unfortunate, for those who could have had a spot but is now too late. So inconsiderate.
  14. darienblythe79

    Le Fort I fracture

    I don't know enough about anesthesia, but I have had a Le Forte I and bilateral IVRO, three years ago, and I just had abdominal surgery a few months ago. My ologist wasn't really concerned about the previous jaw surgery. Just wanted to know about any compilcations I might have had, of which I'd had none. Hope that helps at least a little.:uhoh21:
  15. darienblythe79

    Mepn to CRNA??

  16. darienblythe79

    Mepn to CRNA??

    What about an accelerated BSN program? You can earn your BSN in a year, instead of earning a Master's in three.