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  1. fibroblast

    Racism at clinical site...what to do?

    Understandable, but I think that we have a responsibility to know what is acceptable and what is not. In my area, many older people use the term colored, they aren't rude or mean-spirited, they just use the term. I didn't grow up with that term so it was a bit of a culture shock for me. But when I took the whole instead of the part, they are not trouble making, or rude people.
  2. fibroblast

    Nurses and other staff refusing to Treat COVID patients

  3. fibroblast

    Nurses and other staff refusing to Treat COVID patients

    I worked the COVID unit at my facility but decided against it after it was apparent that there was no set ground how many patients I would get. I was told that I would only have at most 4 patients, that unit is now over 16 patients and any COVID positive patient is put there. It's not the COVID+ state that prevents me from working there, it's the b/s falls, psych patients, acuity with no additional staff to help if the patient declines. Who will be responsible? With state and the health department so involved with this pandemic, when push comes to shove it's the nurse that's going to be thrown under the bus. The work piles on the to the point nurses can't give good care. No thanks.
  4. fibroblast

    LPN to social worker?

    I believe that nurses are well qualified to do psychosocial assessments and work as social workers on a certain level. We do a lot of psychosocial assessments due to monitoring patients who are on psychoactive meds, their behavior, changes, side effects, interventions...etc.
  5. fibroblast

    Doctors not assessing COVID patients?

    Doctors are doing this to the nurses and the nurses DON'T EVEN KNOW the patient and not even working on the isolation unit, asking what the last labs were, what happened with this patient, etc. They are paid more to go in and the nurse doesn't take the place of doctors assessments.
  6. fibroblast

    Why be a floor nurse when they don't care?

    And if you sit too long in the room the patient may ask you for ice or fluff their pillows. I love doing things for my patients, but I 'don't' like it when administration doesn't allow me to take care of my patients. This is a one way ticket out of nursing field if this doesn't stop.
  7. fibroblast

    LPNs are still good nurses

    LPN's are given WAY more stressful tasks ( in the context of being less respected) such as being responsible for 60 patients or more depending on how many they 'want' to give you. While they aren't the text book acute patient, they go down hill very fast too and the LPN has to work with less resources. The LPNs on our isolation unit are dealing with death, unstable patients on IV abx, critical labs/CXR's on a daily bases and add a trach with all these scenarios. There's no line to be drawn except for what the board says we can't do, give blood or push I.V.'s.
  8. If you get your LVN, you may become 'stuck' as a lot of LVN's work and don't get their RN's. LVN's are restricted in their roles and employment. and it CA, I'm sure it's more so. In San Fran and all of Cal, it probably would be better to do the RN-BSN if you can. On the pro side of being an LVN, you gain experience with medication administration, I.V.'s, assessments, injections (insulin, heparin or otherwise and why you give these) and EMR charting.
  9. fibroblast

    Driving 1.5 hrs (one way) to work. Good idea?

    Not sure where you live, but when you are very tired you may not be able to think or see clearly, especially if there is no city and just farm or interstate road. Any critter can dart in front of you early morning or late at night. It can make you fall asleep on the road with a long drive. This would call to pull over and find a nearest gas station and sleep.
  10. fibroblast

    Should I get accepted to a CRNA program?

    So why do an 'RN' program? Paramedics aren't involved in planning, they just show up and take the patient to the hospital. Not trying to offend. No longevity, just spur of the moment thinking, no rationale.
  11. If she has no patients for the day and informed her employer, it's their responsibility to find a replacement. It's not her responsibility to keep the agency staffed. You aren't bound to any employer.
  12. fibroblast

    Giving Narcan to Your Own Patient

    I probably would have asked the previous nurse if they called the doctor about the patient being 'snowed'.
  13. fibroblast

    Classism in the Hospital-MD vs. RN

    Of ANYTHING you post about, this is the ONLY issue that would bother me. Please make all snacks free and have a buffet for nurses and doctors. I have no issue giving my seat up for a doctor and I often ask if they want my chair. If they're parking is closer to the door or have designated parking, I have no problem with that. They make the orders. The nurses should be able to park closer as well.
  14. Nurses or CNA's can't enjoy their jobs anymore. It's not 5 patients. It's 50.
  15. fibroblast

    6,500 Nurses to Go Out on Strike 09/20/19 in Four States

    Yes, it's because nurses are largely women. Hospitals have no repercussions when they are women. 'Just leave it for the nurse to do'. 'Add it to the nurses duties'. 'Add another blood pressure check to the nurse'. Women are inherently told to take it and be quiet.
  16. The reason why there is heavy workloads and poor staffing is because it's predominately women. They take advantage of women until they can't do any more. I really fail to see who is 'furious'. Maybe those who applied for the job and didn't get it, but one nurse can't speak for all. To me it doesn't matter if a 'non-nurse' holds the position. It is who's qualified.