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  1. She was not involved in a violent crime, she simply overrode safety features. And not monitoring the patient after giving the medication. She should lose her license and possibly be sued for malpractice, not given prison time. Save the prisons for violent criminals and child abusers.
  2. fibroblast

    Would you File a Complaint?

    I wouldn't even ask if I should file I complaint, I probably would have already. A nurse cursing at me, not let me see my family, being rude. I wouldn't discuss it. To the board of nursing I go.
  3. fibroblast

    Nurse Gives Lethal Dose of Vecuronium Instead of Versed

    No one will ever see the MBA/CEO or know their name - staffing for safe ratios and patient safety is not their concern. The responsibility will fall on the nurse. These jobs are like wolves in sheep's clothing.
  4. fibroblast

    Ageism in Nursing

    One thing that Ruby and Hoosier forgot was to read my bottom paragraph. One thing that you and Ruby forgot was to read my bottom paragraph. Most people turn a blind eye to the truth. Being that there is a stigma sort of with being an older nurse as ya'll suggest, wouldn't the so called older nurse adapt if they aren't equal to men in the workplace instead of pout if they aren't willing to organize? You refuse to see my post as informative but want to feel defensive.
  5. fibroblast

    Ageism in Nursing

    Women lose value in the work place because they just don't have a stoic nature like men. Who would you go to? the flat chested short hair person for help about a serious matter or the person with long hair, nice figure, cute features? Not that they don't know but I believe it is instinctual. Women are associated with gossip, not helping each other, some with a chip on their shoulder, this is just not trustworthy. the older nurses deal is that some just don't teach and have bad attitudes. they don't have a young attitude. I remember I needed help with a female foley, brand new and the nurse didn't want to show me, she got so uptight and rude. Please don't throw the 'she was busy' deal. Sorry. So I believe it is along those lines that people don't want to deal with that.
  6. fibroblast

    Forgot to follow up on orders

    I wouldn't worry about the PCP reporting you. Likely they are not concerned about the patient anyway. Many a times I've tried contacting a PCP for an order only to be on hold for an hour by their 'staff' or a no phone call back. In home health, the PCP has less responsibility. I find it's like talking to myself sometimes.
  7. fibroblast

    RN MGR Told me I'm too old.

    I don't believe it is anyone's business to tell you that your age has something to do with stamina. Only you know that unless you led something up to you being a certain age. Plenty of specialties in nursing can use an 'older' nurse. Not sure the patients really care who takes care them in their sick, vulnerable days.
  8. fibroblast

    Sick and tired of wiping butts...HELLP

    That seems a bit callous for a path that you chose. I was a CNA for years and never considered it 'butt wiping'. I didn't like it, but I didn't complain about it as I knew the job and had to just go with it. Yeah nursing is not for you, as you would see vomit, stool, pee and even 'death'. And even have to examine the rectal area for erythema!..yuck EKG tech, pharmacy tech...up your lines of work.
  9. fibroblast

    LVN need2vent: patient complaint & unfair assignments

    Sorry you are experiencing this. This is why I left LTC. It's not a job, it's a death trap.
  10. fibroblast

    Too Scary For Me

    When reading this post, I just knew something was amiss, was waiting for the 'I'm not a nurse' (yet) comment :)..I am sure that you won't find too many LPNs/RNs that loosely leave meds on the floor or casually leave other residents meds on the counter just for the hell of it. Nursing school alone will expel you for this mindset. Some nurses pass through the cracks yes, but most I don't believe so. You probably were paying too much attention to the nurses (as most people want to find 'mistakes' the nurse made) than you were to the med techs. Just my input! Good luck with nursing school.
  11. fibroblast

    Got a new nurse in trouble

    I'd be gone out of that place. No official policies, DON doesn't know when meds are delivered, I'd be out of there.
  12. fibroblast

    Termination for a Medication Error

    I really doubt there will be a lawsuit, administrators are trained to speak like that. You weren't familiar with the patients yet. Next time, just let the nurse give the meds, or triple check next time or even ask the nurse if that is the right patient.
  13. fibroblast

    EKG machines - HELP

    To be honest, I would trust the doctor more than I would trust the nurse. If he didn't seem to care, that should tell you something. It's not about being perfect, it's about learning the skill.
  14. fibroblast

    Cna incident investigation

    It took me several years to be proficient at using a hoyer lift. Till this day if I am at a facility, I will not use one by myself. And a sit-to-stand lift, the person being transferred has to be mental intact, if not they will probably fall over with the strap around them. Most residents being transferred by hoyer lift at a nursing home are not mentally intact, some are obese, contracted, and have a feeding tube, and screaming during the transfer.
  15. fibroblast

    Favorite scrubs??

    Dickies gen flex cargo scrubs pant. About $30.00 for the pants in my neck of the woods. That with a stylish printed scrub top