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  1. fibroblast

    Giving Narcan to Your Own Patient

    I probably would have asked the previous nurse if they called the doctor about the patient being 'snowed'.
  2. fibroblast

    Classism in the Hospital-MD vs. RN

    Of ANYTHING you post about, this is the ONLY issue that would bother me. Please make all snacks free and have a buffet for nurses and doctors. I have no issue giving my seat up for a doctor and I often ask if they want my chair. If they're parking is closer to the door or have designated parking, I have no problem with that. They make the orders. The nurses should be able to park closer as well.
  3. Nurses or CNA's can't enjoy their jobs anymore. It's not 5 patients. It's 50.
  4. fibroblast

    6,500 Nurses to Go Out on Strike 09/20/19 in Four States

    Yes, it's because nurses are largely women. Hospitals have no repercussions when they are women. 'Just leave it for the nurse to do'. 'Add it to the nurses duties'. 'Add another blood pressure check to the nurse'. Women are inherently told to take it and be quiet.
  5. fibroblast

    Nurses Furious As Dentist to Lead Nursing Research Institute

    The reason why there is heavy workloads and poor staffing is because it's predominately women. They take advantage of women until they can't do any more. I really fail to see who is 'furious'. Maybe those who applied for the job and didn't get it, but one nurse can't speak for all. To me it doesn't matter if a 'non-nurse' holds the position. It is who's qualified.
  6. fibroblast

    Will I lose my nursing license for a traffic violation?

    You have only been cited for it, not convicted. I would possibly talk to the judge if he/she can dismiss it if you show compliance, i.e traffic school, good behavior. See if your city has a court appointed lawyer you can talk to. Some cites have this.
  7. fibroblast

    Everyone is white?

    I believe southwestern starts near San Antonio then going west.
  8. fibroblast

    Tell me why an LVN/LPN is a "real nurse"

    LVN's have a LICENSE to practice and can take orders from an MD. In LTC, LVN's do initial assessments and do a full on admission. But not in an acute care setting. But they are real lives with real changes of condition. We can give I.V. medications through a central line, but no I.V. pushes or blood transfusions. No non nurse can do this.
  9. fibroblast

    Question regarding minimum staffing

    There are very little consequences for an administrator/CEO. They can simply hide behind the curtain and push buttons and throw staff under the bus. This is all the norm now for nursing.
  10. fibroblast

    Nurses Charged in Deaths of 12 Nursing Home Residents

    Get over it, I'm not judging.
  11. fibroblast

    Nurses Charged in Deaths of 12 Nursing Home Residents

    During Hurricane Harvey, our facility had staff spend the night the whole week, the DON and administrator were readily available as they spent the night in their offices. Staff brought their dogs or cats if they had to. The timing of these deaths are concerning. These calls seemed to have come all at once in the early morning. Ongoing assessment is important, but I wonder how many of these residents were showing signs of distress before they expired. When stuff hits the fan, everyone is going to protect their license. I had a patient who's air conditioner broke, I got there and she was sweating, I called the senior apt. complex maintenance, made sure they came to fix it, called her son, and called back to check if it was working. I know from experience that heat is unbearable, it comes down to making a decision that the DON or someone may tell you not to do. Maybe the facility DON or administrator didn't want to get cited or in trouble for some reason. Surely they knew the temperature guidelines.
  12. fibroblast

    Everyone is white?

    There is not much you can do about the hierarchy, but they hired you to do a job. They liked you for some reason. It is uncomfortable being the only minority, especially on the social scene when people are chatty, but to me when something has to be done people with the same values tend to collaborate and stick together.
  13. fibroblast

    Using medical terminology as a nurse

    If the patient is on a medication such as Rifampin, and no blood, then the urine would be clear with a red tinge, but if there is blood present then there may be clots.
  14. fibroblast

    Chemical Castration Condition for Parole in Alabama

    Men are far more associated with pedophilia and violence than women. The drug reduces the amount of testosterone, I say go for it. So there are 100 sex offenders, and 7 of them are women. This is why certain conditions have to be met to administer this drug. I'd like to see how many of the women meet those conditions.
  15. fibroblast

    Lost job over HIPAA violation

    Patient information is important, but I believe the hospital should be liable for any nurse who access anyone's chart and that *they* be held responsible for allowing anyone access to patients chart. You did not hurt the patient. The nurse has a legal responsibility to take care of the patient.
  16. fibroblast

    My First Enema, PANICKING?

    You may have to remove or disimpact stool first or else it may not go in far enough to produce results, I believe this can make it come back splashing at you within seconds. An enema can produce a bowel movement within seconds also, and for 5-10 minutes thereafter.