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  1. 415RN

    BSN-MSN Education

    Congratulations on taking this step! I am very excited for you and will look forward to reading your progress. I am finishing my RN to BSN at WGU the same term you are starting your BSN to MSN, and I will start my BSN to MSN as soon as I complete the BSN coursework this summer.
  2. HI 37changes- that Professional Leadership and Communication course is absolutely the only one that you have to attend live sessions in order to get the credit for the course. They offer you a few different options for schedules, so sign up early to get the one you want that works with your schedule, and it is the first class you take. Everyone in my group was also doing one of their other courses at the same time. In the four weeks it took me to complete that class, I also completed Anatomy and Physiology I. I took my Statistics Objective Assessment on Sunday and passed that class with an "exemplary" (as opposed to just a competent.). Because I still have till 3/31 before this term ends, I wanted to do another course. I moved the Informatics course up into this term on Monday morning by texting my program mentor and asking her to move it up for me. On my lunch hour, I took the pre-assessment to see how familiar I was with the content and so it could direct me to any areas I needed to particularly focus on for studying for the Objective Assessment. I got Exemplary on the pre-assessment, and came home from work and took the objective assessment, so now I have Statistics and Informatics to add to the list of courses I posted above. (I worked as a informatics nurse on a roll-out and implementation and support team for a large Northern California hospital group, so that area of knowledge is something I am very familiar with, and it was clear from the pre-assessment that this was an area I had already, in my life, acquired a competency in.) I am not going to move any more courses forward, but I am starting to work on Biochemistry now, so once the new term starts, I'll be well into the work required to pass the objective assessment. I'll be done in two terms at this rate, and I feel very good about that.
  3. Is your second sentence in the beginning section, Background, a typo? >> Nurses often perform unhealthy lifestyle behaviors, which are primarily a cause of working irregular shifts (Han et al, 2015). Unhealthy lifestyle behaviors are primarily a *cause* of working irregular shifts? Really ? Hey I have unhealthy behaviors, lemme go find some crazy shifts to work, that will be awesome.
  4. 415RN

    RN to MSN Leadership &Management

    This topic is inspiring. I started the RN to BSN program on 10/1. I did the Professional Leadership and Communication course along with Anatomy and Physiology 1, and finished them both at about the same time this weekend, so four weeks and two courses done. While I was taking a breather before jumping into Anatomy and Physiology II, I took a look at Human Growth and Development yesterday morning. I took the pre-assessment and did ok. Watched the videos, read through the study guide, took the Objective Assessment today and passed it. I graduated with my ADN in 1990 so it's been 28 years since I've been in school. It's a thrill to see the courses turn blue as completed, and to have three done in just four weeks. In the middle of this month, I got fed up with my job and how toxic it was, and start a new one tomorrow. Lots of changes. Once you decide to take that leap, things pick up momentum.
  5. 415RN

    Clinical Documentation Improvement Specialist...

    How do you break into this field? Any recommendations ?
  6. 415RN


    I am an Associate Degree RN and have applied to the RN to MSN (Informatics) program. I am wondering if I should change my objective and do the RN to BSN first and then do the BSN to MSN. Any thoughts from those of you who have completed degrees at WGU? I am also wondering if it requires a PC or if my Mac will be ok. I'm looking forward to starting, just not sure whether there's advantages to doing the BSN and MSN incrementally or if I should proceed on the RN to MSN path.
  7. 415RN

    PSA: WGU now has an MSN in Informatics...

    Thanks for this post. I'm trying to decide if I should, as an RN with an ADN and 30 years of experience (including one year as an Epic analyst, 2012-2013) - should I just do the BSN and then go on to a more specialized Masters, or should I do the RN to MSN. In other words, do the RN to BSN (WGU) right now, and then do a Masters in an IT related field, rather than do the RN to MSN in Informatics.
  8. 415RN

    Just finished the MSN/Informatics

    Thanks for this topic, featherzRN, MSN. I was considering a number of different options but your postings have tipped me over to the decision point to enroll in WGU. They are evaluating my transcripts now. I'm going to enroll in the RN to MSN, Informatics program, since I'm an ADN. I saw on the WGU reddit a mention that there's a topic for accelerating, going through things quickly, but I couldn't find the subreddit that described those tips. I work full time, but I work 3 12 hour shifts a week and can put every other waking hour into knocking this out. My employer will reimburse me up to 5K a year, 10K lifetime, so I plan to do one term this fall, and the next term next year, and hopefully get it done in two terms. It seems doable with utter devotion and commitment and I am ready to just get it done. Thanks again for the inspiration.