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    Hi there I'm a CNA living in AZ . I recently tried thc gummies and was tested for pre employment. Do I have anything to worry about? I mean it's legal in AZ. Thanks for the help.
  2. edna_noemi

    medical billing and coding

    Hi everyone, i originally had joined the forum because i was in nursing school and it was fun reading everyones posts. However i think i want something different i have been a CNA for more than 5 years now and i think i am no longer interested. the idea of working in the background of things seems nice to me i just don't have the slightest of idea of what it takes to be a medical billing and coder specialist. I would like to grow in the field, is there an associates in medical billing and coding ? if anyone is in the field or has been in the field i would love to hear from you. I understand this is a nursing forum but i hope there is some one out there with the same interests... thanks for reading my post 🙂
  3. edna_noemi

    I am a little bit concerned...

    xxlivestrongpinkxx i know this post is a little old but i am hoping you see my post. Did you decide to atte d the ctd program after all? If so how was it? I am really considering . i have already attended the info session i am just curious if it worth it? Is it really that easy to get into the last 2 semesters of the associate rn program att pima?
  4. edna_noemi

    Newly hire for Phoenix Children's Hospital (CNA)

    Hi Liz_Love21 i hope you are working as a PCT at PCH now. Sorry i am responding so late. hopefully you read this. I applied randomly one night and i was offered the night shift but i declined since i was attending school and they called me back offering me day shift the following day. I been told it is super hard to get in but i think you are on the right track with volunteering, it is definitely a foot in the door:) good luck. let me know if any luck...
  5. edna_noemi

    ANY info on Central Arizona College NUrsing Program?

    Hi audqyee, sorry for replying to this a year late. I am hoping you still check this, i have other questions if you dont mind me asking since i am considering CAC. Where did you do your clinicals? i plan on staying in Tucson do they help out in placement for clinicals such as keeping me here in Tucson?
  6. edna_noemi

    ANY info on Central Arizona College NUrsing Program?

    hi audqyee, i saw that you mentioned that you applied at the UA... are you from tucson? i am from tucson and I'm curious if traveling from tucson to CAC would be worth it? what has been your experience there since it has been a couple years now i wonder if you are a nurse already>