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  1. queen mother

    ANY Case Managers at United Health?

    onegoodnerve, I thank you first for the original question which prompted excellent feedback then thanks for sharing your interview experience. I have been trying to get onboard with them as a cm. This info. is invaluable I shall RUN from them.
  2. queen mother

    A day in the life of a Case Manager...

    hello d'cm, thanks for your post. It was very informative gave me some insight. Every bit helps.
  3. I am having a hard time starting out. I have 7 years bedside in ICU step-down and trying to get a CM position. Any advice or possible leads will be welcomed. Also, is it allowed/possible to take the exams for certification as in CCM without first wor...
  4. Hello everyone, just wanted to say thanks for all your responses. I am an IMCU nurse for well over 7 years with a BSN and have been having a difficult time trying to even get an interview for a case management position. I also get the kiss-off respon...
  5. queen mother

    I Ran Out Of Time On Nclex

    Hello Michelleandj, no I did not have to wait or do the trick. In my case I applied through Arizona BON and at that time within 24 hours the results were posted on the BON website in the form of a license # being granted. I mean the very next day. I ...
  6. queen mother

    Nurses cannot take orders from MA's, what is your protocol?

    Nursenatalie, there is nothing wrong with your anaology. When in front of the judge and jury it will be your (our) license on the line. Love your response Queen Mother