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    Care Manager vs Inpatient Hospice

    I have been an RN working in various hospitals, med surg and med tel since 2006. As a last hurrah, I recently started working in a step down ICU. I love learning new things but HATE how task oriented it is and how NOT patient oriented it is. I am 51 years old working in a sea of 20 something year old nurses who, I feel, are now being taught differently. I am not saying it is wrong, but I just find myself very unhappy. I know my biggest strength is bonding and taking care of the "patient". I don't love all the drips, labs, CPR etc... so...I find myself thinking that it is time to move to hospice where my people skills will be most useful. I had a phone interview with a large hospice company that has openings in several in patient hospice centers (pro is that they are 12 hr shifts) but I am afraid it will be too much like med surg. They also have a care manager position which is day shift ( I know work nights because I can't handle the pace of days in the hospital anymore in the physical sense) but it is 8-5 Monday to Friday, no weekends and no on call. It would be going to some long term care facilities and acting as their case manager. The recruiter, when I told her about my people skills said I would probably like the care manager position better Does anyone have any thoughts on this? My fear with the care manager role is taking home charting which I don't really want and the 5 days a week. However, if it is more of a laid back job....tell me your thoughts. Thank you so much!
  2. principessaGG

    VA-Long term care

    Hi, I have 14 years experience as a nurse and have my BSN. I just got a job in a step down ICU at a great company however the physical demands are enormous....and so much to learn as my background has always been med-surg. I just got a phone call for a job interview for a VA-long term care facility which I had applied quite a while back....wondering what that is like...maybe a little easier on me physically? I have never worked long term care but would love to work with veterans. I have a LOT of experience working with the geriatric population. Also what is it like to work for the VA? thoughts anyone? any input would be greatly appreciated! THANK YOU
  3. principessaGG

    charting!!!! I am about to leave home health...

    I am now doing admission,...I find it hard to do Oasis charting in the home with the client. Oasis is very involved and would be awkward . Dont you agree?
  4. principessaGG

    charting!!!! I am about to leave home health...

    good for you....I wish I had the opportunity...I have expressed an interest from the beginning to my MCP but I don't think it exists in my case. I have not read a book, shopped or anything. I feel like I have lost control of my life...terrible. Good luck to you!
  5. principessaGG

    charting!!!! I am about to leave home health...

    I am not sure I know what that is?
  6. so I have given this field a year...I LOVE LOVE LOVE the work with the patients...I LOVE the feeling of one to one nursing! You can actually make a difference...so different than the hospital where i worked for 8 years..however...I SIMPLY CANNOT STAND CHARTING every day into every night when i get home...I have tried everything and there seems to be no way around this...I don't know what to do and feel like my only option is to go back to the hospital and get beat up again.... any thoughts out there..??
  7. I appreciate any input from my fellow nurses out there! I started as a nurse in 2006 in my 30's in a hospital on a med surg floor with a specialty in geriatrics. I then moved to a general med surg floor until 2012. The usual 8 patients, 12 hour ( really 14) shifts. Insanity. I left from 2012 and worked for a year , 5 days a week at a doctors office. I lasted a year because that was super boring. While I loved the doctors and infectious diseases, there wasn't much nursing involved. I was more of a medical secretary. I returned to the hospital but of course, only got hired on a med surg floor due to my experience. I have been there the last two years. I love my manager and while I love my patients, I am having some personal health issues which are really causing me great difficulty being on my feet for up to 14 hours a day and taking care of up to 8 patients a day. My floor is very very fast paced and we have no where to chart and sit , etc. I now have an opportunity to move to home health care. I was offered a position full time within my company so I don't lose my great health benefits. Of course, it is 5 days a week. I have never done home health. However, my favorite part of my job is my PATIENTS. I am told that it would be much easier on my health as far as the pace and being on my feet etc... Any input from anyone would be appreciated....Thank you!!!