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    Advice needed...Life changing event

    Thank you so much for the advice. I will certainly keep this in mind.
  2. principessaGG

    Advice needed...Life changing event

    So this may be lengthy but right now I don't know where else to turn but to my fellow nurses. I am going through a divorce...I have 2 grown children that are in the military and live in other parts of the country. After this marriage is said and done, I don't have a reason to stay in NJ...it is expensive to live here and I would rather be close to one of my children. I really want to try travel nursing so I have the flexibility to see each of them and travel in between assignments overseas to where my family has a home. It's time I start to save money while working and then think about ME. I am older now and have to worry about myself and my mental sanity. However, I am afraid. Why? Well, while the above plan sounds GREAT, I would be leaving a job with great medical benefits, stability and a position in the endoscopy dept where I started 4 months ago. All my previous experience was in med surg. at the bedside where I only recently was given the opportunity to run away from, lol. However, it is depressing to only be able to have 2 weeks vacation at a time ( they will never approve more than that at one time) and now impossible to see my boys for long weekends as I work 8 hour shifts. I am also afraid of travel assignments due to the feared "worst assignments" etc at my age. Also although I have read you get medical benefits, I have also read they aren't good ones. Then there is the issue of the home base. I can always keep an address of a brother etc here in NJ, but I will no longer have a home in my name. Will that be a problem for tax reasons while travelling and staying with my sons while working? What do you guys and gals think for my future? I appreciate any input. I want to be happy and at peace. Thanks for any advice