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    Internal Medicine is scary!

    I may just be venting, but I have started in a fantastic primary care/internal medicine office with two amazing doctors and another awesome APRN. But good lord....there is so much involved! I keep saying one day at a time! I had a young girl with a headache, and I come from an ICU background, and all I could think is STROKE! When did all of you start to feel comfortable in your APRN role?
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    NEW GRADS:Yale is willing to give you a shot..

    Hey all, I have worked at Yale for seven years as an RN and they require BSN to begin as a new graduate in the ICU/ER environments. They will hire ADN for everything else as a new grad, hope that helps!
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    APRN from Connecticut

    Hey everyone! My husband and I are considering an adventure by coming to Alaska for a few years, something we have always wanted to do. Any insight from APRN's on working in Alaska and what your salaries look like? There is endless data, but I wanted to hear it from you personally. Thanks in advance!
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    NPs practicing as DRs

    Doctors do not own "Dr.". They own physician. There are doctors of philosophy, english, anthropology....and nursing. If you have a DNP, you have earned the title "Dr.". Not physician.
  5. Hello everyone! I recently passed the AANP exam and I'm searching for my first job. If you could go back and refine what your idea of "must haves" and "deal breakers" were, what would you tell a new gal coming out of the gate? Look forward to hearing your insight and advice, thank you in advance!
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    May grads, June test takers !

    Hi All! I graduated May 13th and took the AANP exam on the 24th and passed! I'm a bite the bullet kind of gal. I took the Fitzgerald review course and studied her actual book front to back for four days before the exam non stop. You all know this stuff, just trust your gut! Good luck!