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hopefulRN'17 has 3 years experience as a ASN, BSN, RN.

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  1. hopefulRN'17

    Massasoit Community College Fall 2021

    FYI: Just want to let you know there is no way around the flu shot. It is not a Massasoit policy, it is the policy of the hospitals that you will be doing clinical at. This was a sore subject for some of my class, but unfortunately if you want to be placed, you have to get it done. The earlier the better so that they can begin the clinical placement process. If you can... go get all of your immunizations NOW. You will need: Hep B (all 3 series) TB TdaP MMR Varicella (possibly) And not sure what they will do with Covid..
  2. hopefulRN'17

    Massasoit Community College Fall 2021

    Absolutely! Congratulations!
  3. hopefulRN'17

    Air Force nursing FY2021

    Hi djmatte, Thank you for your response. Good, so I still have a few years to play with! I don't have prior service. I received my RN-BSN in Aug. 2020, have been an RN since 2018 and really considering the AF. I don't know much, have been asking around a bit.... want to get advice from others before talking to a recruiter. Best, K
  4. hopefulRN'17

    Massasoit Community College Fall 2021

    That sounds like a good thing!! I have a feeling that your acceptances won't actually be until June. I only say that because I was in a zoom meeting for the respiratory program and they were saying that they are trying to get out nursing, radiology, and RT ASAP but it was looking more like June realistically. So keep stalking your degree works because that will change before you receive your letter. Best of luck to everyone!!
  5. hopefulRN'17

    Air Force nursing FY2021

    Does anyone know the maximum age they accept? TIA!
  6. hopefulRN'17

    Massasoit Community College Fall 2021

    I wonder how that works. I graduated in 2017 yet the last audit was 08/01/2020. I graduated BSN in August 2020 but that school already had my Massasoit grades since 2017.
  7. hopefulRN'17

    Massasoit Community College Fall 2021

    This is 100% true! Keep stalking your degree works, it will change before you receive the letter in the mail.
  8. hopefulRN'17

    Massasoit Community College Fall 2021

    Fingers crossed for readmission. I am sure you will get in. I know 2 people that were able to readmit. They want to give you that chance. Best of luck!
  9. hopefulRN'17

    Massasoit Community College Fall 2021

    Wishing you all the very best. I miss MCC, had a great cohort and actually miss school. Teachers and Deans have changed in the past few years from what I have heard but hopefully you all enjoy it!
  10. hopefulRN'17

    Massasoit Community College Fall 2021

    We had a personal statement but did not need references and this was a few years back. Acceptances were sent out mid to late April. Securing clinical was always an issue. (Not the fault of the school) Hospitals, psych facilities, nursing homes, Pediatric skilled nursing care, etc depended on instructors, number of students, etc.. If anyone is put on a wait list, I suggest making an appointment with the admissions office to review your rubric. Believe me when I say they aren't perfect and occasionally make mistakes. (Miss a grade, or class) and that really affects your place on the wait list. I know this from personal experience. I was #10 on it and was going to give up. I just happened to have a day off and went down to discuss it. When they pulled up my application, they realized they missed 2 classes on my transcript that I had gotten an A in. It shot me to #1 on the list. They were extremely nice and very apologetic as they go through each app by hand.- Don't give up!
  11. hopefulRN'17

    Simmons University ABSN 2020

    Congratulations to all!
  12. hopefulRN'17

    I Did It! I Earned My Master’s in Nursing Informatics

    Congratulations to you Brenda!! I wish you the very best!!
  13. hopefulRN'17

    Am I fired? CNA Checking Blood Sugar

    Exactly my thoughts!! And I was amazed at the cameras because I am in MA too. We don't have that here.
  14. hopefulRN'17

    Took Ibuprofen for 2nd Vaccine

    All of the providers in my area have pushed not taking anything and try letting your body fight it on its own. So crazy to hear so many different instructions. I do hope you are better
  15. hopefulRN'17

    Moving to Boston

    The cost of living is expensive in the immediate Boston area. Best to seek housing in a neighboring City/Town. It is also very competitive job wise. Kind of who you know unless you have good years behind your belt. Wishing you the very best.
  16. NewRN: I have dealt with the exact same situation for the past 17 years. Same native Country. The first few years it really bothered me as I couldn't understand why I was the target? I do my work, keep to myself, and go home. The way I dealt with it (and still do) is kill them with kindness, don't give them the satisfaction of knowing it bothers me, and don't give a reason in my work for them to nitpick. In the end, it's not worth it... the only thing you can control is you. I hope it gets better for you. Best