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chernandez3841 has 1 years experience.

Counting down the days until I complete my pre-reqs to apply to the UT Health Science Center accelerated program here in San Antonio, Texas! God willing by August 1st my pre-reqs will be complete. <3

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  1. chernandez3841

    No immunity after Hep B immunization?

    You will be at Galen San Antonio????
  2. chernandez3841

    No immunity after Hep B immunization?

    Thank you all for your replies! It has put my mind at ease. I go in tomorrow to start my second round of Hep B shots.
  3. Hey all, I’m a bit confused about something. I applied for the LVN program at Galen and was accepted for Jan 2020. I wanted to get all my records in order early. For whatever reason Texas seems to be doing an overhaul on their immunization records (uploading them to one big database). I’ve tried to get my records for my varicella and mmr immunizations with no luck. I’ve had them years ago but the only thing they found in the system was my completed hep b series. I just decided to just get the titer test instead. Well turns out I have antibodies for EVERYTHING, except Hep B! The doctor said I should start my immunizations again but I will not be done with all three doses before clinicals start. Has anyone experienced this before? What if I get the second round and it still doesn’t show immunity? Am I automatically cut out from becoming a nurse? This is all so odd to me.
  4. chernandez3841

    Social Media and Doxxing - Your Thoughts???

    I would never take or post any pictures from work. I wouldn’t even mention any situations I encountered period. It’s just not worth risking.
  5. chernandez3841

    Adjusted score?

    Ok sorry if this a not so bright question but can someone explain to me what an adjusted score is? I keep seeing posts about teas score and then the adjusted score. I'm just a bit confused about it.
  6. chernandez3841

    Freaking out

    I am the same as you Hello_14 I totally overthink the reading parts! It isn't as clear cut as science and math. Good luck!
  7. chernandez3841

    What's Your Strategy for taking on the TEAs?

    I am FINALLY done with all my pre-reqs for the program I want to apply for. I have had two friends of mine take the TEAs recently. They did not fare well or how they thought. I have heard of other classmates failing it!These are extremely intelligent women too! My questions are: How many weeks/months did you give yourself to study before taking the TEAs? How many hours a day? Did you start with your weakest subjects or finished off with them? What resources did you use? (I have the ATI book and the "Secrets of the TEAs.") My two friends used the ATI because they are the makers of the test and they said the material that was on the test was nothing like what was in the ATI book. This obviously has me worried. I know it will not be the same questions but I want a good solid book. Any advice would be helpful. Thank you.
  8. chernandez3841

    Just received my TEAS books and..

    Thanks so much for the replies! Yes I got the ATI book and today started my math refresher course. Thankfully a lot of it is coming back to me. I guess I just need to start working through the book little by little. The science part the one which I am most worried about. The subjects are just so broad! I've never taken an astronomy class in my life and it was asking about space!! Slowly but surely I'll get it done :)
  9. chernandez3841

    Just received my TEAS books and..

    I am so overwhelmed!! I couldn't answer most of those questions in the book. This is coming from someone who has a BA and has gotten A's in chemistry, micro, and both A & P courses. I have yet to take nutrition and statistics which I will be taking this summer. I am not by any means trying to gloat but I honestly would have thought some of these questions I would have known what the answer is. I guess I learned the material at the time but didn't retain it? Has anyone else felt like this?
  10. Even if you did not get the grade you wanted just know we are one step closer than what you were yesterday. It is not easy taking on such hard subjects just to be qualified for the job we were called to do. Take a break, breathe, and congratulate yourself. As long as we don't stop we are making progress
  11. chernandez3841

    Texas Pre-Nursing Student, very worried about grades

    I am also planning on applying to the UTHSC in San Antonio ( I'm from SA) the main thing I do is I limit the number of classes I take in a semester so I don't overwhelmed myself. I am 29 with a 3 yr old and so far this has worked for me. Granted it is taking longer to complete all I need but so far I've gotten all A's. How many courses are you taking per semester? Also yes a D is not acceptable you will need to take that class over again.
  12. chernandez3841

    anyone else struggle with Algebra

    Thats me! I am actually am taking a math refresher course given by my community college. Its free where I am at (san antonio, Texas) maybe check if your local collage offers one?
  13. chernandez3841

    Please critique my Personal Statement

    I couldn't download it :(Sorry I was so interested in reading it too!
  14. chernandez3841

    What study guide would you recommend? Which should I avoid?

    Thanks!! Did you feel prepared for the TEAS? Was what you saw in the book similar to what you saw on the TEAS exam?
  15. Hey everyone! :) The title basically sums it all up and I'm sure this question has been posted 100s of times before. I am about to finish the spring semester and will have a small break until my final semester starts June 9th. I wanted to take that time to start studying for the TEAs V exam but found myself totally overwhelmed by all the different books out there. I've seen that those who bought study guides, bought more than one. Ones I'm considering purchasing: 1) VERSION V - ATI TEST OF ESSENTIAL ACADEMIC SKILLS (TEAS V) STUDY MANUAL 2) Secrets of the TEAS Exam: Study Guide Your Key to Exam Success Has anyone used these and how would you rate them? Did they help you a lot? Any other books you would highly reccomend? I read that the ATI book was good but didn't go into depth in the science section. Well any suggestions I would gladly appreciate. Thanks and take care ya'll!
  16. chernandez3841

    San Antonio, TX

    Well I am not a nurse but a pre nursing student and this is my home town. Im sorry I can't give any advice on the working conditions but I do hope you enjoy your time here.

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