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Nurse Allie

Inpatient Rehabilitation
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Nurse Allie has 3 years experience and specializes in Inpatient Rehabilitation.

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  1. Nurse Allie

    RODP FNP in TN? Anyone?

    I have secured a tentative preceptor. I am just waiting on the paperwork to be processed. I had to drop my Women's Health class for this semester and take it next semester (Spring 2015) which means that my graduation is delayed. Total bummer.
  2. Nurse Allie

    Nurse Practitioner Information Needed

    Hello allnurses! I am currently a FNP student and I am writing a research paper this week for my Roles class. Are there any practicing NPs out there that can answer some questions for me? I would be forever grateful. If you choose to answer, can you please include your first initial and last name so that I may cite you? If you don't feel comfortable answering here, please email me- allie@triminteriors.com. Thank you in advance! What is your current position and specialty? What is your philosophy/beliefs about your practice area? How did you find your first position after you graduated as a Nurse Practitioner? How would you advise new graduates to search for jobs in today's market? What is your prescriptive authority? What kind of practice privileges do you have? What system do you have for reimbursement? Has your function or role changed over the years? How so? Have you had a part in developing your role? How so? What are the major stresses/strains in your practice? Do you have a collaborative agreement? If so, can you please describe how it works? How do you show the value of your contribution to the practice? When you went to grad school, what was the most valuable aspect of your education? Least valuable? What do you know now that you wish you knew earlier in your career? Reference: Joel, L. A. (2013). Advanced practice nursing: Essentials for role development (3rd ed.). Newark, NJ: F.A. Davis.
  3. Nurse Allie

    RODP FNP in TN? Anyone?

    I'm taking research, roles, theory, and policy. It looks like a LOT of reading! Trying to map out the semester now!
  4. Nurse Allie

    RODP FNP in TN? Anyone?

    Hello, I am starting the RODP-FNP program this semester (today!). I'll be attending full-time. I was previously going to attend USA's BSN-DNP program but I changed my mind over the summer. So, here I am! Taking four classes this semester. Excited to get this underway!
  5. Nurse Allie

    USA DNP fall 2013

    bryango I am not in your program but I am seriously considering switching....if possible...after my first semester. However, I am still uncertain. I am the sole provider in my family right now and that program sure does have a lot of clinical hours!