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Women's Health Preceptor


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Hi All,

I know this topic is not a new one. However, I feel that I need to exhaust all options. I am a FNP Student with ETSU's RODP program. I am in search of a preceptor for Women's Health. Although I would love to precept with a NP, any MD, DO, or PA that works in this specialty and would be willing to precept for the Spring 2015 semester would be fantastic! I need to perform 120 clinical hours in this specialty. I had to drop the class for this fall semester because I was unable to secure a preceptor in time. I have joined the NP organizations and contacted NPs listed on those sites without success. I am licensed in PA but I am willing to drive and get licensed in surrounding states.

If any of you have had success with finding a Women's Health preceptor on the east coast, can you please let me know who you used?

I am open to suggestions for other resources I may have not thought about. I have even used the yellow pages and have tried asking for referrals. I appreciate any assistance that anyone can offer.

Nurse Allie

lhflanurseNP, APRN

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Have you considered the health department? Many offer women's health as far as exams, STDs, contraception, pregnancy, etc. I was going to do mine through the health department, but the NP retired :(. I am doing mine currently in a family practice group with 2 preceptors who basically see the women...for everything except pregnancy...we refer out to the local OB. If you do decide to try the health department, do is early enough ahead so all the paperwork on both ends can be done when you are ready to start. Good luck!

Nurse Allie

Specializes in Inpatient Rehabilitation. Has 3 years experience.

Thanks lhflanurse! I'll try that. Good luck to you in your rotation as well! Thanks for the tip!