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  1. Danbury Hospital Grad Nurses

    Did you start yet?
  2. I think I failed the NCLEX today....

    I'm sorry! I hope the trick is wrong for you! Did it charge your credit card?
  3. LOL Yea- but I only went yesterday. It's going to be a long seven days LOL.
  4. Thank you for the input!
  5. *bump* I am looking to buy a dictionary. Any new insight? Thank you.
  6. RN Format and got 205 questions - What's Up with That?

    Well Judy? I am still curious how it went?
  7. Tutor

    may 10 by ogoldhi,blynn9173.where do you live? i live in ny. i can recommend you some.where in ny?
  8. Pregnant - First year nursing student

    I have three kids, ages, 7, almost 9, and 10. I love my kids dearly! All I will say is it is possible to do anything you set your mind too. I will caution that there is a HUGE difference from two kids to three. My first two pregnancies were a nightma...
  9. Reciting nurse's pledge question

    1:30 am by grownuprosie so, no, the fact that "in god we trust" is on our money means nothing to this conversation. actually it does apply, but i will not try to debate over it. my opinion and your opinion. i do not believe anyone should be force...
  10. Reciting nurse's pledge question

    un 11 by lvn2bsoon the money we spend has "in god we trust".....do you not spend the same money that has something you disagree to on it? funny you mention this, i was just about to say, don't we all use money? an doesn't it say in god we trust?
  11. Seacret nail buffing kits

    Try a three sided buffing block for a beauty supply store, also use an oil, like OPIs avocado oil. I have done nails for YEARS (I took the cosmetology boards in 1993). Use only the shine buffers, NOT the white blocks that are fine files. They damage ...
  12. What size are your Danskos?

    I am not sure if this is true or not but I talked to a lady today at the shoe store and she said the "white" insoles (Pro XP model/Woman) are the standard sized Danskos (partly made on a machine). The Danskos that have the black insole (P model) are ...
  13. RN Format and got 205 questions - What's Up with That?

    Any news yet Judy?
  14. Clinical Professor From Hell!

    I have no idea, as I am not in clinical yet BUT I am sure someone will reply with, "to help you learn, to make you want to prove them wrong, or to make you stronger". I say, rude professors have nothing better to do in their lives and dwell on the p...
  15. Pace RN4 2012 Transfer into Sophomore Year

    I will send you a PM. I have no interest in airing the "dirty laundry" about a school on the board.