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  1. MeanGreenNurse

    ER Case Manager..........

    I am an ER case manager and the most important question you will be asked is how will you Handle it wheN the doctor admits the pt despite them not being sick enough to meet medical necessity! Easy- they are the dr, just document their rationale! I know this post is prob too late to help u
  2. MeanGreenNurse

    To all "medical coverage is a privilege" folks:

    Patient is homeless? This is relevant because where are you going to dc them to? How are they going to follow up after they are dc? How are they going to afford their meds? Do they have transportation? If you know they are homeless you can have time while they are in the hospital to set them up with a sheltor, get med samples for them, and make sure they have access to a pop after dc so they don't end up back in they hospital!