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  1. PassionWithAPurpose

    Feeling down

    Thank you all! Your posts were very inspiring, and I definitely plan to use the tutoring services provided at my school.
  2. PassionWithAPurpose

    Anybody in the same boat?

    Thank you everybody! All your support really motivates me, and I'm excited to take on the spring semester.
  3. PassionWithAPurpose

    Feeling down

    Let me explain my situation. I graduated high school in 2011. I moved out of state, and didn't start college right away. I began college in spring of 2012, which I tried taking 12 credit hours. I had to drop my math because it was too difficult for me, and it was the lowest remedial math! So, I finished with all A's in my English Composition I, Sociology, and Music Appreciation. I moved back to my home state, and I still need to take the three remedial maths before I can get college credit. So for fall I plan on taking one of my remedial math classes, along with a full course load of other classes. Then another remedial math in spring, and my last one in summer! I feel so far behind though, and I know that people finish on different times because of certain situations. I just still can't help but feel horrible:/
  4. PassionWithAPurpose

    Anybody in the same boat?

    Thank you for your advice! I plan on doing the CNA program, taking nutrition, remedial math, and psychology lifespan and development.
  5. PassionWithAPurpose

    Anybody in the same boat?

  6. PassionWithAPurpose

    Anybody in the same boat?

    I plan on doing the CNA program in spring too! So should I just act as if it's just part of my credits? The program is 7 credits, then take however many other courses as I think I could handle?
  7. PassionWithAPurpose

    What specialty are you considering?

    Thank you sjtrk! For some reason, it won't let me quote your post.
  8. PassionWithAPurpose

    Which degree to go for?

    Nope, no children. I am 19 years old, so I think it would be best to just go straight for my BSN. Thanks!
  9. PassionWithAPurpose

    What specialty are you considering?

    I hope to get into labor and delivery, but my ultimate goal is NICU. I was born extremely early, and faced many problems as I spent the first 3 1/2 months of my life in the NICU. I hope to inspire parents, and let them know that there is hope for their child to live a normal, healthy life after struggles.
  10. PassionWithAPurpose

    Anybody in the same boat?

    Hello, Has anybody taken a CNA program while doing some pre-reqs? The CNA program is 7 credit hours. I'm thinking of taking two, or three courses so I'm not so behind in completing my bachelors. How many classes would you suggest taking?
  11. PassionWithAPurpose

    Fall Semester 2012

    Good luck everyone! I'm taking a remedial math, intro to psychology, intro to ethics, computer literacy, and an art class.
  12. PassionWithAPurpose

    Spring 2012 check in..how did everyone do?

    Good job, everyone! I just started in Spring. I took english composition I, sociology, and music. I made all A's.
  13. PassionWithAPurpose

    Texas State University-anyone attending right now?

    I heard they are only have initial approval status. Anybody know what that means?
  14. PassionWithAPurpose

    How do you afford living expenses when attending full time school?

    This is what I was concerned about as well. Thank you everyone for some great answers!
  15. PassionWithAPurpose

    hi everyone!! :D

    Hello Kim! I currently attend TCC (I started this spring), and am interested in getting my BSN too! I wouldn't know about the program though. Just wishing you the best on your journey!
  16. PassionWithAPurpose

    Pre student

    Welcome to the board! I just finished my first semester of college, good luck when you start! It's good that you've made a decision to become a nurse, and I wish you well!