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Let me explain my situation. I graduated high school in 2011. I moved out of state, and didn't start college right away. I began college in spring of 2012, which I tried taking 12 credit hours. I had to drop my math because it was too difficult for me, and it was the lowest remedial math! So, I finished with all A's in my English Composition I, Sociology, and Music Appreciation. I moved back to my home state, and I still need to take the three remedial maths before I can get college credit. So for fall I plan on taking one of my remedial math classes, along with a full course load of other classes. Then another remedial math in spring, and my last one in summer! I feel so far behind though, and I know that people finish on different times because of certain situations. I just still can't help but feel horrible:/

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Math is difficult for many people, but it's a very vital part of being a safe nurse.

If your school offers tutoring services, take advantage of them at the beginning of the semester. Don't wait until the work gets difficult or your grades start to slip before you seek extra help. You might also consider hiring a private tutor to help you work on your math skills before the semester starts.

I know you feel far behind, but try not to dwell on that. Plenty of nursing students start their nursing education much later in life. Likewise tons of students take a year off from school, or change majors once or twice, or take more time to finish their degree for another reason. Once you finish your pre-requisites and start nursing school, you'll still be one of the youngest students in the group. If you really desire to be a nurse, and you work hard to overcome these setbacks, you can be successful.

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I graduated HS in 2003 and I am HORRIBLE in math.

You are chasing your dreams. You should be proud! Don;'t feel down, youre making moves!

I am terrible at math… in college I have to take pre-algebra I got a C. I just barely pasted that, then I had to take college math got a B with a tutor. Then I had to take statistics, got an A, again with a tutor. Just give it some time and you will make it through.

Thank you all! Your posts were very inspiring, and I definitely plan to use the tutoring services provided at my school.

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