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elleMrn is a ADN, BSN, RN and specializes in Perioperative.

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  1. @RobdRN I finally got official word today from my recruiter regarding November nursing boards- they said YES! But sadly no assession bonus! I am super bummed. here is my email from my recruiter: Congratulations on your selection for 66E AOC. Unfortunately, the Accession Bonus you were originally eligible for is not available at this time due to FY20 Army Reserve funding constraints. The good news is you are still eligible for the Army's Loan Repayment Program. Please let us know if you would like to continue processing as a valued member of Army Reserve Healthcare Team. We apologize for any inconvenience the lack of an Accessions Bonus may have caused for you. Do you wish to continue to process as a valued member of the Army Reserves Healthcare Team? ___Yes ____ No
  2. Hi! I am hoping y’all have additional insight/words of wisdom regarding nursing board and special pay. I have been working on waivers and my packet for a very long time and was thrilled it was finally ready for the October boards only to find out it was not accepted for board review because it included incentive/special pay form (signed back in Feb 2019). Apparently the new fiscal year began October 1 and they have not released incentives for the current fiscal year. Above all I am not signing up for the Army Reserves for money, I ultimately want to serve our country, learn from amazing strong people and the priceless learning opportunities provided for nurses. My patient recruiter said it could change any time but probably would not hear about incentives until after January 2020 (with first RN board March 2020). He said all of his Reserve nursing applicants opted to hold their packets until hearing about incentive/education pay options. Has anyone had a similar experience or insights on this situation? I have been waiting for so long and really don’t want to wait 5 more months and maybe not even have incentives for my specialty for Operating Room/Perioperative RN! Thank you in advance! Elle

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