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  1. RN-Baron

    Help! My unit is called "the Career Killer" and it's true.

    Ziggy, So sorry you are experiencing this. I'll concur with previous posters and make the observation that it is the institution you work for that is the problem. Although I wasn't a nurse, I worked on a psych unit for a few years and although it was a tough gig at times, we had a great team..lots of support. If you are not getting support, get out of there! It isn't worth it. Good luck to you.
  2. RN-Baron

    Starting Wage for RN in Kansas Metro

    Hello nurseinthemakin! I tracked you down through an older post! You made it! Congratulations! I was going to send you a PM but I cannot as I haven't contributed 15 posts to the forums yet. Can you believe it? We are going to be nursing students! Anyway, $23 sounds about right for the metro from what I hear. I worked with a gal who graduated from JCCC in 2008 or '09 and started at Olathe @ 22.00/hr. if I remember right. She eventually moved to St. Louis for a better paying job. Again, congratulations! I'll be seeing you around! -Duane
  3. RN-Baron

    I want to hear from those accepted to their Nursing Program

    I just found out yesterday that I got in! Im bewildred, excited and scared all at the same time! I just want to get in and get it done. Best of luck to all nursing students everywhere!
  4. RN-Baron

    I want to hear from those accepted to their Nursing Program

    Hello there! Yes, I am taking classes at the Ottawa campus. I was thinking about taking Micro this summer but I had to take CNA to be eligible to apply for the program. I don't want to bite off more than I can chew...but it would be nice to get it out of the way. Last time I checked there was still two spots open in Row's class. I need to make up my mind! Good luck this summer! Maybe we will bump into each other sometime. My name is Duane. I'll be one of the older non-traditional students there. This is a second career move for me...hope it will also be the final one! Anyway, say hello to a baseball cap wearin', slow walkin' old man if you see him! -Duane
  5. RN-Baron

    I want to hear from those accepted to their Nursing Program

    Heya, I realize this thread is a month old but thought I'd try. I'm also waiting to hear from NCCC. I just took the Teas yesterday (the last time it was offered). I had to study my rear off for it over the past several weeks. I scored a 94 and about died of a heart attack. My GPA is around a 3.6 I think. I'm enrolled in a CPA course this summer and I'll have to take Micro at some point. Who's micro class should i take? The advisor I spoke to said they hoped to have letters out by the middle to end of June but they said July to be safe so maybe we won't have to wait too long. Anyway, good luck fellow students!