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  1. If this were a psychosocial type question on the CRNE, "how do you fail 3 times" may be a correct answer, but not the BEST answer. And the rationale? LabellaRN explains it well. When I was doing CRNE practice questions, such answers are direct and straight forward and may appear to be the correct answer. However, they are wrong because they are judgmental and insensitive (as said by LabellaRN).
  2. I began reading different threads on this site in 2011 as I was interested in the nursing field. I was indeed surprised with some of the responses, and at times would wonder how a supportive thread can easily turn the other way. Other than that, many members are very supportive and I do appreciate this site.
  3. I find this site very informative. However over the past few years there have definitely been several members who come off extremely arrogant. I respect that they may have YEARS of nursing experience and are very knowledgeable about the nursing profession. These members unfortunately do fit the saying, "Nurses eat their own young".
  4. kazer

    Will old program marks effect my chances?

    actually I was in a similar situation as you. My grades in my first program (health management) were not so good, but when i switched programs into something unrelated to nursing (art), I had decent grades. They weren't amazing but they were pretty good and I did amazing in my pre-nursing courses. And yes, i got into a nursing program. So in the end, they look at your cumulative GPA, your pre-nursing courses, and the GPA in your most recent courses.....and it may depend on the school you apply to.
  5. kazer

    Which degree would look better for nursing school?

    Just to make you feel better, prerequisites can CERTAINLY help your application out. I finished an art degree and when I wanted to enter the nursing profession, I focused really hard and completed all my prerequisite courses in a year. I got accepted into a second degree nursing program right after as well. The nursing office actually told me I wouldn't have a high chance of getting into the nursing program because my previous degree was art and not science related. They made it sound how extremely competitive it was and I felt like I didn't have much hope. In the end I got in with an alright cumulative GPA along with really good grades in my prerequisite courses. But trust me, I was really stressed too! But you can do it!
  6. kazer

    Second entry nursing at Humber 2012

    Thanks a lot for the reply! I didn't get into Humber's program because I didn't have the biology credit in highschool, but I got into York instead. Thank goodness!!! thanks again!
  7. kazer

    Going into Canadian Nursing as an American.

    Hi st3phani317, I don't know anything about Americans transferring their credits over to Canadian schools, but I can I tell you that if you have a Bachelor's Degree in ANYTHING, you DON"T have to take 2-3 years of prerequisite courses to get into nursing. You can spend one year completing your prereqs and apply to accelerated nursing programs in Ontario (these programs are about 2 years). If you don't have a Bachelor's but have 2 years worth of university credits, you can still apply to accelerated nursing programs. I have a Bachelor's in Animation (totally NOT related to Nursing!), and I simply completed all of my prerequisites (Microbiology, Psychology, Statistics, Philosophy, Anatomy & Physio) in one year. It's do-able, you just have to study a lot! While completing my prereqs, I applied to York University's accelerated nursing program....and I got in!!! I really didn't think I would have a chance but somehow I got in. Accelerated programs also look at your cumulative GPA and your GPA in the last 5 full year courses. I didn't think my cumulative GPA would be high enough, but I did do really well in the prereq courses. So my main point is, you don't need 2-3 years to complete your prereqs, and you don't have to apply directly from highschool. I hope this info somewhat helps!
  8. kazer

    Humber Second Entry January 2012

    Hi EmmyR, I have a quick question! If I have all the preparatory courses done at the university level, does Humber still need to look at my highschool marks? - do I still have to submit my highschool marks, or will my university transcirpt be enough? thanks!
  9. kazer

    Second entry nursing at Humber 2012

    Just a quick question, does Humber still look at high school marks if you have all the preparatory courses at the university level? THANKS!