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  1. JCAHO Requirement

    We have both splitters and crushers. We were told that JACHO wanted us to crush and administer each medication separately. So we had to get a doctors' order to crush the medications and administer together. I work in Med/Surg and our patients have at...
  2. Dismissed from nursing school...fought back and won in court!

    I had attended UOP LPN-BSN nursing program and maintained a 3.85 until the very last step, to pass their HESI exit exam. I failed and was not allowed to retake it. Sadly in their defense their policy was fail twice in the program and your out and NEV...
  3. ITT HESI Policy

    Im sorry that my comment does not reflect ITT but I was a student at UOP and was not allowed to graduate due to their policy on the post HESI. I would have graduated with a 3.85 if I had passed their exit HESI. Taking a practice NCLEX test, I pass th...

    Depending on the version the school purchased, it is general.
  5. Is there always that one nurse.....?

    your not the only one.I have had the experience to see the RN I work with busting her butt to get all her admissions completed but the one that came at change of shift was started, not completed and you think some nurses feel that is a disaster!I alw...
  6. 4th Nursing Caption Contest - Win $100

    I told you Fred not to call her a Tech, she is a LPN Nurse."
  7. 4th Nursing Caption Contest - Win $100

    ] "I told you Fred not to call her a Tech, she is a LPN Nurse."