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    A Few Words from Dr. Anthony Fauci

    Fauci was correct on masks until he flip-flopped. Fauci incorrect on chloroquine as many physicians have used it to treat COVID. The reason Fauci poo-pooed chloroquine is because he took Gates money and Gates wants a vaccine -which is a conflict of interest.
  2. Read Article in its entirety: World’s Largest Vaccine Maker Denies Trial Volunteer’s Illness Claims
  3. guest584920

    Oxygen requirements & level of care

    I think it is a perfect analogy -and I know history. DeSwine goes around barking "orders" and then send his good squad to enforce compliance. People have lost their livelihoods, and people have committed suicide. DeSwine has blood on his hands. Yes Jesus would have ignored public health orders to keep His Passover which is what the last supper was. Just as he chased money changers from the temple. In Mark 12:17 He tells us to render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s. But honoring God comes before obeying Caesar because no man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon (Mathew 6:24, KJV). Jesus Christ conquered death -I doubt He would have feared the rona. In fact in Mathew 6 he tells us "not to worry" 3 times -so I ain't scared of no rona either.
  4. No, rhetorical as in "what if". Here is what Merriam-Webster has to say: Rhetorical Language vs. Rhetorical Questions Rhetorical has several meanings which are close enough in meaning that they may easily cause confusion. It can refer to the subject of rhetoric ("the art of speaking or writing effectively") in a broad sense, and may also refer to that same subject in a somewhat deprecatory sense ("given to insincere or grandiloquent language"). But perhaps the most common use of rhetorical today is found in conjunction with question. A rhetorical question is not a question about the art of speaking effectively; it is a question that is asked for effect, rather than from a desire to know the answer. “Would it kill you to stop chewing your food with your mouth open?” is a rhetorical question.
  5. guest584920

    A Few Words from Dr. Anthony Fauci

    Fauci does not see patient at NIAID -he is the director. It is a quasi-governmental organization rife with politics. So you the acts strait. "trying to damage the character of a prominent health professional" Cry me a frigging river. People have every right to point out conflicts of interest with public officials and Fauci is conflicted. NAAID has taken millions from the Gates Foundation. Gates is not a scientist but he has said things will never go back to normal without a vaccine. Gate's immunization programs in India and Africa killed thousands and left many infertile. https://www.armstrongeconomics.com/world-news/corruption/did-bill-gates-buy-the-CDC/#:~:text=Dr. Anthony Fauci has a %24100 million conflict,pledged %24100 million for Fauci to play with. " you end up looking like a partisan fool with no credibility. " It is YOU who is the partisan fool with no credibility. Here's what Fauci said in his own words about masks before he flip-flopped to appease Bill Gates and left-wing politicians:
  6. guest584920

    Could masks be another vector?

  7. guest584920

    Could masks be another vector?

    It only stands to reason that flimsy cloth masks and bandanas that much of the general public wears can spread the virus. Because people constantly touch them with dirty hands and then breath in the germs -basic Microbiology. Even surgical masks are not a 100% guarantee. Much of the general public does not wear the masks properly. Wearing the wrong type of mask is like using a condom with a hole in it. We should instruct our immunocompromised patients to wear masks properly, to wear them if they have to go out; practice good hand hygiene and most importantly -TO STAY WHEN POSSIBLE. As for the rest of the general population, from what I can see mask mandates are a mute point. Name one virus that we have defeated by wearing masks -I'll wait.....
  8. guest584920

    Could masks be another vector?

    What exactly are you trying to say. Just say it.
  9. So you think CardiTeleRN and all the other RNs with similar stories are lying?
  10. guest584920

    BLM rioters cheer as Trump supporter murdered

    That's right Karen, but unlike how many here think we are NOT a mono-party voting block.
  11. guest584920

    Could masks be another vector?

    Consider that when people go about their daily lives they put their hands on everything in their environment; door handles, gas pumps, counter tops, store shelves, etcetera. And I notice people constantly touching and readjusting their masks. Some people do it almost subconsciously. I notice people wearing everything from flimsy & porous cloth masks, to bandanas and surgical masks. I even saw a guy with a full beard wearing an ill fitting N-95 the other day. It stands to reason that when people constantly touch their masks they transfer germs to the mask with their dirty hands, and subsequently inhale the germs. The average size of a COVID-19 virus particulate is approximately 0.125 Micron or 125 nanometers in diameter so various face coverings provide different levels of protection and some not at all. In my opinion, masks may help, especially the immunocompromised. But they also give people a false sense of protection, and at worst, may be another vector. We've been masking for almost eight months and we continue to see new cases daily. Thoughts?
  12. NurseBlaq you are so righteous and virtuous for "calling out" the "ill behaviors of the right". But, did you have anything to say about Biden being one of the framers of the Federal Three Strikes law. Or him calling a former klansman his mentor. Or, all the ugly racist statements he has made in his nearly 50 year political career like him not wanting his "kids to go to school in a racial jungle". Kamala Harris even called out Biden's racism in the primary debate. The left will just rewrite inconvenient truths from history and move on living in progressive fairy tale land. Last year Bernie Sanders supporters said cities would burn if Bernie did not get the nomination. Fast forward to Summer 2020 -cities are burning because of the hate filled left. Oh sure, any excuse will do; police brutality, "fighting fascism" or whatever. The entire country was united against police brutality after George Floyd's death. but the left blew that chance to make meaningful change. And after months of riots police, prosecutors, and judges still have Qualified Immunity and nothing has changed- that is why they get away with murder. Why didn't Obama/Biden do anything about Qualified Immunity for the police? In preparation for election night 2020, business in major cities are boarded up and the Nation Guard is deployed -that ain't for Trump supporters. Harris/Biden (yes Harris/Biden because Joe has dementia and will be forced to step down) supporters have already said the riots will ne much worse if Trump gets reelected. For all the left's virtue signaling, name calling and ostracizing those who disagree with them as "bigots", "racists" and whatever -we know who the REAL nazis are. They are those who claim to be anti-fascist but yet behave like the Brown Shirts during Kristallnacht. Oh BTW, since mail in voting is so safe and fraud free how is that another 300,000 ballots are unaccounted for. The next fraud will be perpetrated by the ballot counters no doubt. https://www.stamfordadvocate.com/news/article/Federal-court-orders-ballot-sweep-of-12-USPS-15698330.php
  13. BTW, one of my best friends who is black has always voted republican and his wife has always voted democrat. Last night at dinner, his wife Kathy told us for the first time in her life she would be voting republican. Joe Biden's remarks about "not being black if she didn't vote for him" changed her mind about the DNC. And yesterday at the polls, a young black couple in line to vote talked about why they were voting for Trump -amongst their complaints were the same as Kathy's -being taken for granted by the DNC and the fact that the DNC has gone against their personal values. Joe Biden is a puppet of the radical left, and many people who are tired of being taken for granted are voting against him. All of the sophistry and virtue signaling of the loud left wing is not going to win votes or change minds -nope it is having the opposite effect. People can see through the lies, deception, hatred, and subterfuge of the left. People are not buying it, and are fed up with adults having a temper tantrum like petulant children because Hillary got her butt handed to her by Trump in 2016. All the threats of violence and "getting back at Trump voters" are going to backfire in the worst way. People are not going to be bullied by the loud mouth threatening left wingers -people are taking a stand for freedom and justice. So put on your masks, social distance and prepare to be disappointed once again.
  14. Wow!, The guardian, motherjones, berkeley and Google -all Xi Jinping approved sources... Yawn......
  15. I pointed out actually what actually happened. It is FACT and public record and that trumps analysis every time -especially when that "expert analysis" is tainted by bias. Analysis is not evidence but what actually happens is. So you stick to your talking points -I'll stick with facts and evidence. And of course you jump to conclusions that I am a conservative because I oppose the COVID hysteria and voting by mail. But just remember voter fraud can go either way, and in person voting minimizes the chance of ballots ending up in the dumpster. Late votes received in the mail will unnecessarily prolong the final results of the election and undermine a peaceful transition of power. And it will diminish confidence in our electoral system. If masks, hand hygiene, and social distancing work there is no reason not to go to the polls. COVID hasn't stopped people from crowding into grocery stores, Walmart, Lowes, Home Depot on a daily basis.